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Welcome to the official Dark Portal site. Dark Portal is a game built on the Dink engine. The game was started sometime around March, 2000. This site is mainly about the game's status and progress (we aren't sure whether there should be source on this game. If I receive enough enthusiastic e-mails I might post source code. E-mail me at ).


1/12/02 Red Riot: Hey y'all! I updated the story. Nollicon is working on his own story that has nothing to do with Dark Portal.

1/01/02 Red Riot: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I also updated the story.

12/17/01 Red Riot: Dangit Nollicon...... YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THE WHOLE TIME!!! I made music, I did the scripting, I at least tried to make some graphics, AND ALL YOU DID WAS SIT ON YOUR *** AND STARE AT YOUR SCREEN!!! Shame on you Nollicon...

12/09/01 Red Riot: Argh... there is one MAJOR flaw in Dark Portal. The battle engine can't be called within the enemy. If you are experienced in programming, please try debugging this, and e-mail me what you've done. I'll also put your name in the credits if your idea works.

12/02/01 Red Riot: Nollicon... YOU'RE FULL OF SPAM!!! Eat a ****, OK? I've got a nice name for your character in Dark Portal. Nollicon: Lazy A. Assistant Janitor.

11/26/01 Nollicon: U feeling okay?

11/26/01: Red Riot: I am *NOT* your slave boy!!!

11/26/01 Red Riot: **** you Nollicon. I shall decide to make you an offensive character in Dark Portal, *****.

11/25/01 Nollicon: Yes, that's right, Red, I come up with the ideas, you put them to work. So I get to sit back and sip lemonade, until you do something seriously wrong and then I will have to choke you. No, I'm not a cruel master, because I actually do things! And ha, call me a ***** and you will seriously get ****** you *******.

11/25/01 Red Riot: ARGH!!! Nollicon wants cruddy 2-D graphics made on MS Paint like in EarthBound. I want 3-D looking graphics that are freeware used in Dink. The graphics in Dink Smallwood are really nice looking, they're 3-D looking, and they're FREEWARE UNDER NO LICENSING TERMS UNLESS CHANGED OR MODIFIED!!! Also, I would take some of the Dink gfx out and add some of my own. Although, I sorta agree with Nollicon, it would be taking more credit. Also, getting the hardboxes correct would be easier. There would be less graphical glitches, at the trade of looking crappy. I guess I might stick with Nollicon's idea, until I get something that can make good 3D graphics, like 3Dmax, Lightwave, or CorelDraw might work. We won't use any money until we reach marketing, since we are on a VERY strict budget. Music is in the form of MIDI, and it is made on Cakewalk 8.0. I have to admit, Cakewalk is really good. I also might want an Yamaha SoftSynthesizer like Y-SXG100plus included with the game. I think graphics, storyline, and scripting will be the hardest to overcome.

11/20/01 Red Riot: I've revolted against Game Session (I used to be in it). Their business is illegal. They copy games and rent them and sell them. Also, I haven't had time to update the story yet. Don't expect the story to come anytime soon.

11/20/01 Nollicon: Hello. I am the other person that is working on making the Dark Portal game. I will be updating this site regularly as well. To understand who is updating, I will go under the name Nollicon and he will be called Red Riot. Thank you. If I do anything new, I will post here. My email is Thank you.

11/19/01: Sorry about not updating the site in a while. The site has been postponed a little in change of scripting the new battle system. The new battle system has movement points. Moving for one tenth of a second will take one MP. Don't worry. Movements points are calcuated by agility times 10. Attacking will take far more MP than moving. You will probably have MP to attack twice a turn when you start out the game, depending on what weapon or attack you use. Once you run out of MP, its the enemy's turn. You are frozen when the enemy attacks, but they are frozen when you attack. I think this will work much better than the old battle system, do whatever you can in agility times 2 = amount of seconds to do something. The old battle system was free movement, and limited time attack. The old battle system might have caused players to attack, attack, repeat. It would have been primitive that way, when people took time just to attack and stand still. I really want feedback, so I changed the poll on the bottom of this page.

10/7/01: The Story feature will now be Storylike (not too sketchy anymore) and will be read like a book (this will take time to make the story changed). Also, the Games and Progress buttons will be working soon.

11/6/01: I'm going to add a Story button soon. Also, I need people to vote if we should put 3-D or 2-D like graphics. E-mail me at .

10/31/01: Happy Halloween!

10/30/01: I have cracked my Yamaha SXG-100plus Trial Version by setting the expiration date to the far future. If you have a Yamaha SXG-100plus SoftSynthesizer, you can get the crack for the expiration date  here . Just put this file into your C:\windows directory and restart your computer.

10/24/01: The production of the game has been postponed for a little while because I've been working on a website for a group I'm in (its not that great, since my Dreamweaver 4 expired). You can check it out here .

10/17/01: I forgot to mention I'm also making a mod for Dink Smallwood called Ashtray. It's about my nemesis: Ashkan (also known as trASHKAN). It's a short adventure that has really cruddy graphics (hey, I'm rushing).

10/17/01: I will try to update this site as *OFTEN* as possible.

10/17/01: This site is up!

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