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February 10, 2002 -

I wanna update my site, add some stuff... make this a productive sunday I suppose. Might add a DAoC section... dont know what use it will be but Im bored :}

January 15, 2002 -

Well it sure is 2002... *looks around* time to add some stuff to the site I 'spose. Since I have a few days off from school before winter carnival, I think Im gonna add some stuff, change some things maybe. I KNOW I gotta do something to the TFC section, so that may be the first place I hit hard, so beware ;}.

Also! Another big thing I may be adding to the site, JavaScript... Im learning it right now, it seems pretty badass, might have to get something set up on here soon. Kinkay! Anyways enough with the crappy update... on to the html!

December 14, 2001 -

Well well well... got around to adding VERY BASIC versions of the TFC and Links portion of the site. I dont know exactly what I want to do with either... whehter I should keep the background throught the whole page, or... whut... Anyways, right this second Im working on those spectrum things on the nav bar. I was bored, and am playing with a Color Schemer from boogie jacks. So gimme a break ;} . More updates, more news, more sections... what isnt there going to be?

December 12, 2001 -

Been working on the site as much as possible. Hopefully you can see that I have added color scroll bars to match the theme on each page... if not... ITS YOUR BROWSER! :} More stuff to come, more DJs in the music section, more info aboot me, more cars, link section, and possibly a tfc section... all coming soon!

December 10, 2001 -

First update to the site... look forward to adding more stuff... MORE STUFF! LoL dont mind the sparseness... :\