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Side - B

These are the songs of SUEDE's Singles...from the first single up until the latest one that came up with "A New Morning" album.These songs were kind of hard to find though. Cheers...Enjoy!.

The Playlist

Asda Town (The Wild One - single)
High Rising (So Young - single)
Jubilee (She's In Fashion - single)
Leaving (Everything Will Flow - single)
Painted People (Animal Nitrate - single)
Read My Mind (Can't Get Enough - single)
See That Girl (Electricity - single)
The Big Time (Animal Nitrate - single)
God's Gift (She's In Fashion - single)
Instant Sunshine (Obsession - single)
One Love (Positivity - single)
Pieces Of My Mind (She's In Fashion - single)
Rainy Day Girl (Obsession - single)
Sam (Beautiful Ones - single)
Superstar (Positivity - single)
Waterloo (Electricity - single)
Weight Of The World (Everything Will Flow - single)