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Head Music

At Last, i made it...i've uploaded all of the song in the album. Most of SUEDE's fans didnt like this Album, they've said that this album got too much electronical things added, and its doesnt sounds like SUEDE. Even, me myself...i was so surprised when i listened to this recordings, "Is this SUEDE?", I've only recognize Brett's voice, thats the only thing that made me sure, this is SUEDE!!. Anyway...maybe some of you like these songs (Well i do too, but only some of them)...Ja Kikimashoo!!! -Imeruda Fujia-

The Play List...

She's in Fashion
Electricity (Live Version)
Cant Get Enough
Savoire Faire
Elephant Man
Crack In The Union Jack
He's Gone
Head Music
Indian Strings
Everything Will Flow