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This is Brett's images, a cover of those magazine ever exist in that moment 1994, when SUEDe made their debut in Europe. And Brett is the most focused of the SUEDE member, yes of course..couse he's the most adorable one.

Brett and Bernard 1994

This Bernard Butler leaves SUEDE after the Dogman star album released, the reaseon?...he said,...he couldnt stand of Brett's violence, un-behave...drug user. Yup, the point is...he cant work out right with Brett anymore. But, he's Brett's co-song writter, wonder if it effects SUEDE's song for the next Album..isnt it?

This one is so...ehm, turns some chicks on...though he looks a little bit overweight here, he needs to do diet on that time, well...he's skinny now. But, unfortunately it's not because of DIET, but he used too much Drugs, such as COCAINE, on.

Brett and David Bowie

David Bowie is the man he got the inspired from, David Bowie really effects SUEDE's music. As you can hear... Now, go "BACK" and look for the Brett in Magazine#2.