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Midget Spotting

midget: in human anatomy, a dwarf whose bodily proportions, intelligence, and sexual development are within the normal range. The diminutive stature, a racial trait in pygmies, occurs sporadically in families the rest of whose members are of ordinary size. The children of midgets are usually of ordinary height and proportions.

If you look to your left you will see I diagram that I made, showing the size of the average midget.

If you think you have found a genuine midget, then pick it up, place it under your arm or in your handbag and take it home. Position it beside the diagram to the left of this screen to see how good a specimen it is of the midget variety.

You should notice that the legs are almost always between 1 & 2 ft long, and the over all height is under 4ft, else the specimen you have found is just a short person. If you have ever encountered short people and shouted "midget" , then you will know how dangerous they can be when insulted, I recommend knee protection of some kind to stop the biting. Although these short humans may be vicious, the average midget is harmless.

Midget Wrestling

Although they aren't of a violent nature, alot of Midgets have becomes members of the wrestling industry. Some have been in the WWF and WCW but there are alot of underground organizations that support midget wrestling events, there have been alot of famous midget wrestlers....

Here you can see a famous midget wrestler, Lord LittleBrook, The English midget, was Midget World Champion in the early 1970s. He trained many of the midgets that followed the pioneers in recent years.


The late Tom Thumb was a hugely popular midget wrestler in Canada during the 70s and 80s. Thumb tragically died in 1988.
There are two very different kinds of midget. The wrestlers we have seen above are the average midget. Pancho the Bull, as you can see from the photograph, was clearly a sufferer of the genetic disorder that would in the past have been called "dwarfism". I don't know anything at all about Pancho's career... he is merely included to illustrate the different types of midget.
WrestleMania III was probably the pinnacle of midget wrestling in the United States. In a mixed, six-man tag team contest, Hillbilly Jim teamed with midget legend Little Beaver and rising sensation The Haiti Kid to take on his long time rival King Kong Bundy, who was accompanied by Little Beaver's arch nemesis Lord Littlebrook and Little Tokyo. Little Beaver (real name Lionel Giroux) ruled the midget ring from the 1960s right the way through to his retirement (around the time that the American midgets began to disappear) in the late 80s. His match at WrestleMania III was seen in front of a record indoor paying crowd of 93,000+ fans at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, MI. Little Beaver died in 1995.

Midgets on the Box



Mini me....a very famous midget, here you can see him with Wes Borland during the Tour of America Limp Bizkit done last year... he has to be one of the all time greats in the midget world, but not the best...



The King of the Midget Entertainment Industry , Gary Coleman, the star of the 80s situation comedy "Diff"rent Strokes. Coleman has also appeared in numerous films including "Its Howdy Doody Time" and "The Kid from Left Field. He also had a guest spot on The Simpsons, playing himself as a Sercurity guard for a toy manufacturing company.

Gary as his Diff'rent Strokes character, Arnold Jackson

Gary in his usual "pimp" look. He is very well known amongst celebrities for his good quality bitches...

Now here comes the truth about Gary, he isn't really a midget. He exceeds the maximun hieght of 4 foot, so as a good will jesture, i have made him an Honorary Midget.


Midgets in the Music Industry


There seems to have been quite alot of Midget Mania in the music industry these past few years, with Kid Rock having had one on board with them, going by the name of Joe C.

Sadly, Joe C is no longer with us, having died last year of intestinal problems which he had been plagued with his whole life. He will be dearly missed in the Musical Midget Game...


Another Midget Craze was with rock band Blink 182, having had many stage shows on there tours plagued by Midgets, having many of them bouncing around on bungee ropes and some even aloud to walk on the stage amongst the real people!! They also had 3 distinctly ugly Midgets in their video for the single "Man Overboard".




After delving deep into the celebrity Midget world, i also thought that i should show you some of the everyday Midgets that you can sometimes find walking the streets along side us humans. If you ever do see one, don't be afraid to say "hi", they dont bite!! If you do meet one though, do me a favour, pat it softly on the head and say "aww, cute little thing".
Here you can see a very ugly Midget baby
4 very ugly midgets, although many midgets may be fun to talk to, they are all disgusting little critters
An everyday Midget, but has the distinctive 80's Porn Star look, notice the dodgy hair and moustache, along with his fake, perma-tan

Special thanks the the freaky midgets that appeared on this page. I'd also like to thank all the kind folks who don't know i stole their pics of their websites and very special thanks goes to Anna, who told me the name of the Blink 182 song the midgets were in, because i had no clue!!! Anna is the only one on this page who is not a midget. Also this page is meant to be a joke, if you didnt laugh, fuck off!! if you are insulted, fuck off!!! if you are a midget.....aww....cute lil thing...

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