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Please wait for all the pictures and song to download! It is well worth the wait!!!! If you want to see my updated web page Click Here

Thank you for visiting my homepage. What I'm trying to do is put my life in perspective and see how I have evolved from a young Volt to a mature Volt. To the late person, Volt is another word for Asian.

Well some info on me:

Name: Bao Duong (Most call me Bo)

Nationality: 100% Vietnamese (Love my PHO)

Height: 5"10 (Without shoes, maybe)

Location: Just moved to Chicago and loving it!!!!!!

Music: Slow Jams, Hip Hop, Techno, and alot more

Likes: Vietnamese food, Clubbing, Chilling with Friends, Voltronz, Japanese Anime, Ginseng Events, White Star, Movies, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Chatting on IM, and most of all, Drinking COLT 45 baby!!!!

Status: Taken and very happy with my girlfriend!

So let's look into the world of Bao Duong

This is the only picture that I have when I was younger. When we came here from Vietnam, we were robbed and my parents lost all pictures and id. I think I was around 6 years old when I took this pic. Check out the yellow couch and the two t.v. sets, neither of them worked. I guess I was into star wars action figure because I had some!!

Here I am at the Eighth Grade graduation dance with my girlfriend at the time, Julie. Man, she was alot taller than I was! You can't see it but I was on my tippy toes!!!

Then I was off to Troy High School in Michigan. I played football and ran track while I was there and made all state on the track team.

Here I am at the tender age of 17, trying to pimp in my car down in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break. It was a brand new 1990 Supra Turbo with loaded trunks full of subwoofer. It was in then!! Notice the blonde hair on top of my head. I also had a tail that was blonde and was really long and braided, just like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America", the movie!! Had it like that for two full years in high school. Don't ask me why I did it, but everyone knew who I was everywhere that I went!!

This was taken my senior year in high school when we all went to Cancun for Spring Break. We were dancing on the stage at Club Le Boom. It was the largest club back then but now Cancun is all remodeled and the clubs are so big now. I loved Cancun so much that I went there again my senior year in College.

Now that all the studying and partying are over with. We all had to graduate from high school!!! Everyone was all going to different Universities and I was heading off to Michigan State University!!!

Here is a pic of MSU's football stadium but with a twist. MSU is trying to break the world record for a hockey game set outside of the rink. They specially made this rink so that it would be played on the football field. I will be there OCT 6th, 2001 for the "COLD WAR" game between MSU and U of M!!!!!!!!!

Here I am with my hallmates and other girls from the sister floor at Michigan State University. I majored in Marketing because I can't keep my mouth shut, or people tell me that I'm just a good bull shitter. I graduated in four years and was apart of VSA, APASO, ACS, and all other Volt functions.

Here's me, Tuan, and Paul before going to Nectarines in Ann Arbor. I use to drive down from MSU to U of M to go to this Asian club called Nectarines and met a lot of my future friends there. There was so much drama and fights there that they had to close it down. I don't know if it's asian night anymore on Thursday.

Then I started to work for MCI WorldCom for about 6 months and didn't like it so I jumped to Coca Cola for two years and found out that they didn't pay me enough, so I left and went to work for Merck Pharmaceuticals where I am currently at.

Here are my clubbing crew in Michigan. We are all getting ready to go out to Space which is probably the best nightclub in Detroit.

Now I would like to put up some pics that I took when I did some traveling!

Here's Paul, Me, and Tuan at the steps of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I use to go there alot because it was a really fun city but lost too much money.

Here we are at the Glass Cat in Frisco. It was a great time and had so much fun out in Cali.

This picture was taken when our friends from Florida and California came to visit in Chicago!! Boy, did we have a blast those 5 days...

Here I am taking a shot from one of those Mexican waitress at Senor Frogs in Acapulco. We went there for Spring Break in the beginning of March for a week. It was a great time but Cancun was still better. The thing I liked about Sprink Break now is that, it's all you can drink at all the night clubs. We sure took advantage of that. I love tequila and this was my third or fourth in a row. Check out the next pic!!!

This is what your face would look like after doing so many shots. Had a blast down there and met a ton of cool people.

The thing with me and my friends is that we like to go to alot of weddings and start to sarenade the bride and groom.

Here is Paul, Me, Tuan, and Mike in Los Angeles at a wedding that we didn't know anyone there. I guess Mike had a distant cousin that got married but we all crashed the wedding and started to sing all night and got booted off when the real singers came in. They were just jealous because we were that good.

Here is Nini, Sarah, Me, and Paul at a wedding in Windsor Ontario. I was dating Sarah at the time and went to one of her friends wedding and my best friend tagged along for the free food and drinks. This started off a chain of weddings that Paul and I would attend!!!!

One of my good friends older sister got married in Chicago and we all attended and helped out with the wedding. We even got the Cali boys to come down and had to show them a good time.

Here is Sarah, Me, Wendy, and Tuan at Courtney's wedding in Chicago. She was one of our friends who actually got married first. I don't know if any of us will ever get married soon. We can't even committ to a girl or let alone find "The One"...

Now it's gonna be a collage of pics that I have taken with my buddies. Old and new!!!

Here we are just goofing off and trying to look all traditional and stuff. The funny thing is that Tuan (the guy in the front on the right)liked it so much that he went from Detroit to Chicago to buy that outfit, so that he can wear at our halloween party. What dedication or stupidity.

Here we are drinking our favorite malt liquor and the king of them all. COLT 45!!!!!! This drink gives us the best buzz before we go out clubbing.

Here is Paul and I at the newly built Greektown casino in downtown Detroit.

Here is Paul, Hennessey, Jason, and myself just chilling and playing some PS2 in Chicago.

Here is Tuan, Me and Paul chilling at Shangri La in Detroit. This is my favorite restaurant to eat Chinese food but it also let's us karaoke. Man, you should hear us all sing!!

Now for some action photos!!!!!

Here I am ready to show you how to play some hoops and that I got mad hops for an asian guy!!!!!

Here are some pictures that I have taken with my digital camera with all my friends. They are updated every week!!!!

Here's Jason, Ben, and Me enjoying one of my favorite food, SUSHI!!!

Here's Tuan, Yun, Me, Paul, and LA waiting for our taxi to go to my favorite nightclub "Whitestar" in Chicago.

That's Me, Victor, Yuri, and Mike at one of my good friend's wedding. It was a surprise to me that one of us actually got married!!! But best of luck to you Carl and nothing but good fortunes come your way.

Here's LA, Jason, Jenny, and Me chilling at 720's on Friday night. It's a nice club if your into old school hip hop or big into the Latin scene!!

That's Matt and I at Bleu in Detroit. Matt and I use to work together at Merck in Detroit but now that I moved, I rarely get to see him anymore.

This is my girlfriend Duyen and me at Kustom. We have been together now for 3 months and I have been really happy with her. She makes me laugh but then she makes me mad. It's like that song from U2, With or Without You, I can't live. I guess that's why we always need someone in our life that would make us feel that way.

That's Thao and Me at Club 320's in San Jose. We use to date but the distance was too hard on us, so we became best friends and still talk on a constant basis.

Here's Me and Samantha at my friend's wedding. She came all the way from Cali to visit me and even went to the wedding as my date.

That's Paul, Jason, Me, and Ben chilling at Paul's place before we head out clubbing. Jason and Ben were visiting from Cali and we had to show them what Chicago was all about.

That's Me and my ex of three years. I truly did love her and miss her with all my heart but things just didn't work out. I guess I believe in the phrase that you meet the right person but just at the wrong time.

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