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The Epic - Part 6

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001 – Cleveland, Ohio

***[The camera fades inside of a nice looking hotel room. Bonez appears on screen wearing a pair of kakis shorts and a white tank top. He’s eating a bowl of cereal. A knock comes on his door.]

BONEZ: It’s open!

[Mindtrip. Attired in a suit, walks in.]

MINDTRIP: We got a distance to go to get to our next arena so I wanted to come and thank you again for last night. We made a great prophet because of you.

BONEZ: Yea, it was great. So when we mettin’ up again?

MINDTRIP: I dunno that I’ll have time to meet you next week.

[Mindtrip reaches into his pocket and whips out an electronic organizer. He presses a few buttons.]

MINDTRIP: Or the week after that.

BONEZ: Oh c’mon man, you haven’t even been up to the lake this summer. Summers three weeks from being over.

MINDTRIP: Well, I’m putting on a show in Florida Friday, August tenth. I could be there the next day, Saturday the eleventh, by night time. I’ll stay till that Monday and then I gotta get to New York for a meeting.

BONEZ: Sounds like a plan, man.

MINDTRIP: Aight. Well anyway, I gotta go. If you decide your in the mood to wrestle, gimme a call. Lata.

[Mindtrip exits as the scene fades out.]

Saturday, August 11th, 2001 – Bonez’s Cottage on The Lake, New Hampshire

[The camera fades inside of the cottage, we’re in the living room where Bonez is watching TV. Its dark outside, so we don’t know what time it is. There is a knocking heard on the door. Bonez gets up and opens it.]

BONEZ: MINDTRIP! Hey man, c’mon in.

[Bonez walks back to his couch as Mindtrip walks in with a duffel bag. He lays it on the floor as he too sits on the couch.]

MINDTRIP: Is it gonna be weather like this all weekend?

BONEZ: Don’t worry, it’ll clear up tonight and tomorrow will be a nice day to go out in the boat.

MINDTRIP: Don’t expect me to go skiing or nothing, I hurt my knee the other day when I was in a match.

BONEZ: What happened, get in the ring with some friggen turd who couldn’t wrestle?

MINDTRIP: No, almost the exact opposite. I was with out a main event, again, so I brought Kodiac and Saunder up to the main event, because crowds have been giving them spectacular responses. They’re pretty damn charismatic. Anyway, I stuck a mask on Saunder, gave him a different attire, and called him Van Elektra. With Kodiac, I put some face paint on him and a new attire, and called him Colombo. Anyways, the crowd loved them earlier in the show when they tagged up, so I told them I wanted them to team up on me after I play some mind games with them. Well anyway, it was Kodiac and and we both had a chair. I was trying to convince him to hit Saunder, who was on his knee’s pleading to Kodiac not to do it. The crowd was eating it up because Kodiac was putting on a great show about whether or not to do it, because I had been manipulating them the whole time. Well he made his choice, WHAM! Right in the kneed he busted me. The crowd may have loved it, but it friggen’ hurt!


MINDTRIP: Yea, keep laughing. You try having your knee being in as much pain as mine was, and then to have what Kodiac did to me next. After the two of them put on a show doing some double team moves that the crowd loved, they needed a finisher. Well Kodiac turned on Saunder knocking him out of the ring, leaving me on the ground with him on an adrenalin rush. I’ve never seen this move in my life, and it knocked me right out. He lifted me in the air and I thought that I was going to get powerbombed for sure. But then he jumps in the air and brings me down into a piledriver, but I’ll tell you it hurt more than any piledriver I’ve ever been apart of. Knocked me right out.

BONEZ: Oh man, good stuff.

MINDTRIP: It’s a little intimidating, actually. I was actually expecting to pull the win out. These kids are tough.

BONEZ: Nah uh! Haha. You better start putting them in the main event. This could be what those two need. You could get out of the main event and put those two up there and the crowd would love it.

MINDTRIP: Yea, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because I need to get my knee checked out. He friggen nailed it. I can’t take shots like that anymore.

BONEZ: Haha, why do you think I’m where I am?

MINDTRIP: I can’t just drop it, I’d still miss being apart of the shows.

BONEZ: Yea, I do miss that. But I know that I wouldn’t be able to work a crowd the way I used to, either.

MINDTRIP: I dunno about that, Bonez. It just so happens that I got a tape, from Conan, of that last Monday Night Showdown that never got to air. I was gonna save it till tomorrow to show to you, but I think you should watch your match. It’ll make you think twice.

[Mindtrip unzips his duffel bag and looks through it for a moment, until he pulls out a tape. He sticks it in the VCR and then returns to his seat. He begins to fast forward.]

MINDTRIP: Bonez, man, you had an incredible match with Shaun.

BONEZ: Shaun Hatfield, I completely forgot about him. Yea, that match sure was crazy. A Steel Cage Match with no pins or submissions, no doors, only way to win is to go over the top. It tested me for everything I had. I can remember wondering if you were gonna attack Shaun too late, and I was going to have been knocked out.

MINDTRIP: Well you sure did a good job hiding it. Yes, Shaun did have the better half of the match, but you stayed with it and although most people in the arena wished you hadn’t, you managed to whoop some ass.

BONEZ: haha, yea. I wish that got on the air. I remember that match pretty well, it was my best match since last year.

MINDTRIP: Bonez, it was your second match since last year.

BONEZ: Shaddup. Stop fast forwarding, here it is.

[The attention is drawn to the TV. It is elapsed now and again for us. We see this:

….. Both Bonez and Hatfield are already in the ring. The cage slowly lowers down as the two men stand facing each other, preparing as much mentally as they can before the battle starts. The cage lowers and the ref starts explaining the rules to both men in the center of the ring. Both men agree then make their way to opposite sides of the ring. The bell rings. Hatfield charges Bonez and knocks him down with a clothesline…..

….. Hatfield pulls Bonez back up again and goes to slam his face into the cage again, but Bonez suprisingly reverses it and slams Hatfield's face instead. Hatfield stumbles back, more shocked then hurt from the move. Bonez tries to follow up the reversal, but gets kicked in the stomache then gutwrench suplexed…..

…... Hatfield pulls Bonez to his feet and runs across the ring, sending Bonez's face into the steel cage. Bonez busts open and blood flows down his face.

WLW COMMENTATOR ROGER MAZE: OH MY GOD! Bonez’s head just slammed off that steel and now he has been busted open!

Bonez sees the blood and a weird look crosses his face like he is going to throw up. Hatfield sticks a thumb on Bonez's cut, making it bleed more and causing Bonez to scream in pain…..

….. Bonez slowly gets to his feet and climbs up the cage after Hatfield. Bonez and Hatfield start exchanging punches back and forth on the cage wall, both coming close to falling several times. Bonez grabs Hatfield by the hair and manages to throw him off the cage! Hatfield lands with a “BOOM!”


Bonez continues to climb the cage, the fatigue clearly setting in as he takes each step slowly. By the time he has one leg over the top, Shaun is up. His size gives him the advantage as he grabs Bonez’s foot. Bonez kicks it away but see’s he has no chance of getting over. BONEZ LEAPS OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE AND NAILS A CROSS-BODY ON HATFIELD!…..

…..Both men motionless in the ring. Suddenly, Mindtrip comes jumping over the guardrail with a chair. He throws it over the cage, and then climbs up and over himself. He begins to waked up Bonez. Bonez is seemingly out of it as Mindtrip picks him up and sends him over to the cage, where he very slowly takes one step at a time. Hatfield is getting up, he’s at his feet. Mindtrip see’s this and graps the chair. Hatfield turns around, WHACK! Mindtrip nails Hatfield in the head, but now all that he’s doing is stumbling around. It takes a lot more than that to take the big man down. Mindtrip runs off the ropes and comes back at Hatfield swinging the chair, WHAM! Hatfield goes to the mat lifeless, the steel chair has a huge dent in it as Bonez finally makes it over and the bell sounds for a victor……

The video continues playing as conversation between Mindtrip and Bonez picks up again.]

BONEZ: I… I had no idea man.

MINDTRIP: No idea what?

BONEZ: That the match went so well. I thought I royally sucked, I thought when I pulled the desperation moves that they had little affect on him. I gotta watch the match again, man.

MINDTRIP: Aight, but I’m gonna hit the sack. See ya tomorrow.

[Mindtrip gets up as Bonez begins rewinding the match. The camera fix’s on Bonez’s face, in which he appears to be thinking deeply. The camera fades out.]

Monday, August 13th, 2001

[The camera fades in on the living room of Bonez’s cottage. It appears to be mid day. Bonez is on the phone. As Mindtrip comes walking into the room.]

BONEZ: Aight, Nick, see ya in three days. (talking from other end, Bonez smiles) Haha, what can I say. Lata.

[Bonez hangs up the phone as Mintrip grabs his duffel bag and heads for the front door.]

MINDTRIP: Bonez, I gotta get going. I got an appearance to make in Chicago tomorrow.

BONEZ: Wait up, I’m going to the airport too. Lemme pack.

[The camera fades out for a moment.]

Thursday, August 16, 2001 - Winnipeg Arena in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

[The camera fades in outside the arena. There are xW trucks everywhere and a crew is carrying things inside the arena. We come upon Nick Johnson who is standing by a door looking at his watch. Suddenly, the 1988 Blue Firebird comes driving into the lot and parks by Nick. Bonez steps out carrying his duffel bag. Nick walks over to him with a big grin and shakes hands with Bonez.]

NICK: Bonez, welcome to XW.

[The camera fades out.]***

Picture by Jason Christy
All Wrestling Footage Copyrighted by World Legendary Wrestling
Copyright Endust Unlimited 2001-2002