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The Epic - Part 5

Thursday, July 19th, 2001 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ė Veterans Memorial Stadium

***[The camera fades in on a small office type room of the Veterans Memorial Stadium. There is a desk with papers all over them at one end, and on the other there is a leather couch, a coffee table and then a big screen TV in which the Shock taking place there is being watched live. On the couch Nick Johnson, in a fancy white suite, is sitting next to Bonez, wearing kakis and an open button-down blue shirt over a white tank-top, with both there feet up on the coffee table. We see in the ring the double pin of Kevin Jones and Mike Lloyd on Jerome Masada. We hear Marcus Jones saying ďWhere is Sensation and Omega?Ē as The Sensation takes Omega and whacks him with the shovel into the grave and being zoomed in on the gravestone as the camera fades out. When it does Nick Johnson claps and jumps out of his seat with a lot of ďI told you soĒ in his voice.]

NICK: What did I tell you? I told you we had a spectacular show for you and I came through! Not only are you dealing with some of the finest athletes in XW, but you got some of the smartest bunch around.

BONEZ: Aight, that is true, but.

NICK: But nothing, you ready to sign on the dotted line or what? Haha.

BONEZ: I still donít wanna join.

NICK: Seriously, man, your killing me. But I gotta get it signed soonishly cuz I got some business to tend to.

BONEZ: I was serious, Nick. Iím not joinging xW.

NICK: Yo man, I told you we had great competition and a really smart bunch of performers. As you just saw I was right on the money. Now Iím telling you were offering you a contract to walk in and make an impact right off that. Iím not lying. We are going to be putting shows out like this every week and this will give you the chance to be in the spotlight more than youíve been in since last year. This is an opportunity to get back on the top. You know if I say itís so than it is.

BONEZ: But thatís just it, Nick. I donít want any of it anymore. Thatís what Iíve been trying to say for a while. I will admit that the show kicked ass, theres no denying that. The contract you offered me indeed gives me the opportunity to make an impact on everyone else. But I donít want to. I donít want the attention, I donít want the intensity, I donít want to get in the ring and take a single punch. Iíve been trying to tell you all along that Iíve got all the money I need, Iíve got my health, and if I stay out of the ring I am able to retire young and can do whatever I want, when I want to.

NICK: Bonez, after seeing a show like that, arenít you pumped. Doesnít it make you want to get out there and give it your all?

BONEZ: But Iíve given it my all for years, and now I get to enjoy the benefits of giving it your all and making it. Iím done with it all.

NICK: Okay, I can respect your whole wanting to live out the rest of your life healthy and rich, but I really thought that youíd love the chance to get back in the ring under these circumstances.

BONEZ: Man, Iím done for goodÖ.. But ya know what, I can give you are the names of two wrestlers who have potential to become some big stars. There names are Kodiac and Saunder, I sawó(Nick starts in)

NICK: Yea, I talked to Mindtrip about them.

BONEZ: They were there ass off for a check that you or I spend in a day. Theyíll earn there keep.

NICK: Yea, but the thing is its potential they have. We donít need anybody at there level right now, we need wrestlers with some more experience. So listen man, I got some work to tend to so Iíll have to let you go. One.

BONEZ: Iíll see ya.

Tuesday, July 24th, 2001 - Cleveland, Ohio

[The camera fades inside Bonezís 1988 Blue Firebird. Bonez is driving with Mindtrip in the passenger seat, they are following a semi-trailer truck. Itís mid-day.]

MINDTRIP: Seriously, you donít know how thankful I am for you doing this. We sold out cuz of you.

BONEZ: (sarcastic)Whoopdi dooda! Two thousand!

MINDTRIP: Yea, to you itís not that much. But to the younger guys this is there biggest show ever.

BONEZ: Yea. So whaddya wanna do when we get out there?

MINDTRIP: I want you to come at me with everything you got. You think that just because I jobbed a match to that no talented loser back in Texas that I aint got no game?

BONEZ: Haha, if you say so. But you do know that even though Iím past my prime, I can still whoop guys like you anytime.

MINDTRIP: Go for it, man. But I want you to know that Iím not gonna pull that stuff I did in Texas, if I can Iím going to beat your ass!

BONEZ: Haha, have a good time trying.

MINDTRIP: Heh, just make sure we give these fans there moneys worth. I want us to take it to the outside. If you do by chance, beat me, get on the mic and go wild.

[The semi-trailer truck pulls into a parking lot of a local arena. A banner is spread across the top over the front doors reading ďU.S.W. HERE TONIGHTĒ. The trailer parks in the back as the Firebird finds a spot. The scene fades out.]

[The camera fades back in and it is a while later now. The show has started, obvious by the echoing crowd being heard throughout the arena. Bonez is walking through the back looking at the wrestlers there, heís looking for something or somebody. Saunder and Kodiac appear on the screen as Bonez seems to have found what heís looking for.]

BONEZ: I didnít think you two would be here.

KODIAC: (surprised to see Bonez) Why?

BONEZ: You guys live out in LA, man. How can it be worth it to travel all the way to Cleveland to wrestle?

SAUNDER: Mindtrip is our highest paying boss. Most shows we do our in our locale area, but when we get a chance to do a U.S.W. show, were there.

BONEZ: Weíll how much do you make?

SAUNDER: Five hundred between the two of us per match.

BONEZ: And thatís worth it?

KODIAC: Hey man, we usually only make two hundred between the two of us. Some weeks we wrestle every night just to make rent and have food in the house.

SAUNDER: Cuz we travel so much we get frequent flyer miles and we take a plane in the morning to get here and then take another one back to LA and it costs about one hundred bucks.

BONEZ: You guys are definitely putting in the time. You two have a lot of potential, just keep trying your best.

KODIAC: Yea. So whats up with you main eventing tonight? Are you joining U.S.W. or what?

BONEZ: Nah, itís a favor to Mindtrip.

KODIAC: So where you going after this? Where you gonna be on TV?

BONEZ: Iím retired from wrestling, I will be on TV no more. This is just a favor for Mindtrip, I may do one or two a year if the cause is right, but other than that I am done.

SAUNDER: But your still in perfect shape to wrestle.

BONEZ: But I donít need to anymore.

KODIAC: Yea but it was a year ago when you were on the top of the ladder in EWO, now your done?

BONEZ: Iím not as good as I was then.

SAUNDER: Man, I still say you shouldnít leave.

[The scene fades out and comes back right by the curtain leading to the ring. Bonez is standing next to Mindtrip.]

MINDTRIP: Aight, there announcing you first. Go out there and get a mic. Wing it, but then try to get some heat towards us. [Suddenly, ďBad To The BoneĒ starts to play.]

MINDTRIP: Thatís you.

BONEZ: (grinning) Son of a bitch.

MINDTRIP: The crowd enjoys it.

[Bonez chuckles a bit, but then looks down at the floor and puts his game face on. The camera watches as he goes through the curtain and gets a pop from the crowd. Wearing a one-piece black spandex attire that is a tank top connecting to shorts, holding a sweat towel in hand, and chewing gum, Bonez gets into the ring. He looks pissed. He getís a microphone as his music died down.]

BONEZ: Ya knowÖ that really pisses me off! What is it that Iím talking about? All of you, you all make me sick! (A chorus of boos come at Bonez) There you go, now your true colors come out. Iíve been hated by all of you for a long time, then I come grace this small arena and you all act like my best friend? I DONíT THINK SO!(boos)

So lately Iíve been getting the same question asked a lot. Bonez, why are you facing Mindtrip (pop from crowd) in Cleveland? (the arena goes nuts, Bonez looks pissed) Well itís a little unknown fact that back in the days of WLW, Mindtrip and me didnít get along so well. I worked backstage and I tried to make a certain image of him on camera, but he wouldnít go along with it. He had a new on air persona every time he got to, and things have gotten physical between us before. So a week ago I got a phone call from him. He said he wanted to have it out with me, and he told me about U.S.W. Now this has got to be one of the biggest pieces of craps called a fed Iíve ever seen. But I could care less what it is, because tonight I finally get to beat Mindtripís ass!

[Bonez drops the mic, turns, and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle. In one swift motion, Bonez spits the gum out of his mouth and hits it with his hand into the crowd. He then stares into the crowd, pissed. The scene fades out.]

[The camera fades back in and the arena is going nuts. We see that much of the match has taken place. The crowd is going wild as the ref is out on the side of ring, and Mindtrip is standing with a chair over Bonez head. Bonez is on his kneeís begging. Mindtrip gears back, but Bonez goes for the lo blow! Bonez quickly stands up and sticks Mindtrips head between his thighís. Bonez lifts him up for his patented BONEZ-BOMB! Otherwise a powerbomb release. Bonez kicks the chair out of the ring and covers as the ref regains his composure and pins the three count. Bonez gets up and the ref raises his arm in the air but Bonez snatches it away and jumps at the ref who runs out of the ring. Bonez picks up Mindtrip and laughs in his face before throwing him over the top rope. He gets a mic.]

BONEZ: Ya see, Mindtrip! Donít you friggen mess with me ever again!

[The place is booing like crazy as Bonez has a huge smirk on his face. He exits the ring and comes backstage as all the wrestlers in the back congratulate him on the main event. A few moments later Mindtrip comes slowly walking through the curtain.]

MINDTRIP: You asshole!

BONEZ: Whatíd I do?

MINDTRIP: Did you really need to suplex me on the concrete while we were in the crowd?

BONEZ: You said to give them there moneys worth. I mean címon, you were the one who said Ďtake it to the outsideí.

MINDTRIP: Yea but, I thought I was going to get some offensive in before we went out there. I was ready for the finish before you even knocked me to the outside.

BONEZ: Haha, I told you Iíd eat you alive.

MINDTRIP: I canít believe your quitting for good if you just whooped me like that. Your in incredible shape still.

BONEZ: Donít start with that crap, man.

MINDTRIP: But didnít you get that old rush when you were out there and you knew the match was yours. When you knew you could do whatever you wanted.

BONEZ: Seriously, I donít wanna hear it.

MINDTRIP: O címon, your still in great shape and you canít say that you wonít miss it.

BONEZ: Yea, but I also know that I donít have it in me to do that week in and week out anymore.

MINDTRIP: I wouldnít say that. I can do it and, well you just saw.

BONEZ: Damnit man, NO!

[Bonez walks off mad as the camera fades out.]***

To Be Continued.....
Picture by Jason Christy
Copyright Endust Unlimited 2001-2002