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The Epic - Part 4

Monday, July 16th Ė Austin, Texas

***[The camera fades inside what appears to be a small arena, but a holding a good amount more than an high school gymnasium. The seats are packed in this tiny arena as two no named wrestlers battle. On the apron of the ring it says ďU.S.W.Ē, the Indy-Fed that Mindtrip is promoting. The scene cuts to backstage where Bonez is chatting with Mindtrip.]

MINDTRIP: So Jesse has finally flipped his lid, huh?

BONEZ: Haha, na man. You know its not like that. Its definitely a complete turn around in life for him, but he feels that he could spend his life like that.

MINDTRIP: Well can you blame him? Losing a multi-million dollar wrestling promotion tends to have great affects on people. Heh heh.

BONEZ: Well at least he found something after wrestling. Everybody always tells me ďlive it up with your moneyĒ, but theres only so much you can do and Iíve been there and done that. I need something simple, yet satisfying, ya know. And Gunnís new change in life isnít for me. What are most men in my situation doing?

MINDTRIP: There arenít other people in your position. Your unique, man. Your just out of the business, got money and health, and now you got nothing to do. Your one of a kind.

[Four men walk past and two head out the curtain while music is barely heard backstage as we see the other two menís back. Bonez has caught notice to them.]

BONEZ: Thatís Kodiac and Saunder, I ran into emí the other day at the cafť with Gunn. Damn, they go everywhere to make a buck.

MINDTRIP: The two share an apartment in LA, but they always come out for me. Iím a treat in money for them. Iím surprised to see the two are still in the Indyís. The other two that went out there, ďMarvelous" Michael Williams and "Wild" Bill Saprano, have a match with them that Iím taken around the country. Itís a good set-up to the main event. Unluckily for me, Iím in the main event.

BONEZ: What? Why is that bad and why do you gotta main event it?

MINDTRIP: Well, I try to put wrestlers the people know in the main event. Iíve got somewhat of a following. Anway, theres a local wrestlers from here named Tantrum that Iím facing. So I gotta go get ready.

[Mindtrip walks off as the camera fades out. It fades back in and we are in Bonezís Firebird, Mindtrip is the passenger.

BONEZ: How could you take the fall for him? You whooped him the whole time and then he hits a decent looking suplex and you stay down? You know your better than that.

MINDTRIP: It sells to them. I know I could have beat him, but I wanna make money here. You gotta remember, I donít get any fame if I win or not, and it wonít be remembered as a big match for me. So basically, I lose and get more money.

BONEZ: Oh man. Well, why then, did you let him strut around the ring for five minutes after the match with the mic and let him ramble on about how good he is? It was horrible!

MINDTRIP: What could I have done? I was taken to the back after the ďbeatingĒ I took. Heís a town icon so to speak, the people ate it up.

BONEZ: So who are you going to let toss your next main event?

MINDTRIP: Actually, Bonez, I wanted to talk to you about that. You see, our next show is the twenty-fourth in Cleveland, Ohio. Iíve looked into it and well, I canít find anyone to put in the main event the people will want to see. So I was wondering, as a one time only deal, as a favor to me because--

BONEZ: NO, Iím done with it man.

MINDTRIP: Just listen. Itís going to be in front of our biggest crowd ever. We managed to get an arena that can hold two thousand people. An average crowd for us is around five to eight hundred, but we sell out most of the time. We are expecting to bring in a little more than a thousand, but with your name on the card it would definitely sell out. I really could use this big break, man. Seeing the last EWO/OSW Heavyweight Champion ever on a card would be a big draw. So how about it, man, for just one last time?

BONEZ: IÖ.. fine. Just this one time though. And you better not hold back, I want somewhat of a challenge when I beat you.

MINDTRIP: You donít know how much help this is.

[The Firebird pulls into a fancy looking bed and breakfast type place. The fades out, and fades in again inside of Mindtrip and Bonezís room.]

BONEZ: So the twenty-fourth, huh?

MINDTRIP: Yessa. Our biggest show ever, thanks a lot man.

[A cell phone begins to ring. Bonez reaches into his pocket and pulls his out.]

BONEZ: Hello? (talking from other end) The nineteenth? (A lot of talking from the other end.) Aight man, Iíll come see. But donít think that things will change. (More talking, Bonez laughs as he hangs up and puts the phone back in his pocket) That was Nick Johnson.

MINDTRIP: Whatíd Buttaz want?

BONEZ: Heís still not giving up on getting me in XW. He wants me to go see a show, I figure I will go so I can once and for all resolve that Iím done and move on with things. He says that theyíve got an awesome show planned, so when I turn it down after a great show, heíll have to give up.

MINDTRIP: I canít believe your following through on that, man.

BONEZ: Whuddya mean?

MINDTRIP: I figured that you eventually figure out that theres nothing your going to find to replace wrestling. Wrestling is in you man, and sure, your not as good as you used to be, but your one hell of a wrestler. Really listen to Nick man, you could still have a great future if you want it.

BONEZ: And what if I donít want to be in the spotlight anymore?

MINDTRIP: Just seriously consider some of the stuff he tells you, aight?

BONEZ: Whatever man.

[The camera fades out]***

To Be Continued.....
Picture by Jason Christy
Copyright Endust Unlimited 2001-2002