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The Epic - Part 3

Thursday, July 12th Ė Los Angeles, California

***[The camera fades in outside a large, white mansion, which is fenced in by tall bushes and a gate where it meets the road. There are steps leading down to a circular driveway and within the circle is grass and a fountain of Jesus Christ. At the beginning of the driveway the gate opens up as Bonezís 1988 Blue Firebird comes driving through and parks at the bottom of the steps. Bonez steps out with his hair slicked back, heís got on black pants and a generic, but fancy looking, white T-shirt. Heís wearing sunglasses and chewing gum. He walks up the steps and knocks on the door. A short, but well built, man answers the door.]

MAN: BONEZ, HAHA! What are you doing here, man?

BONEZ: Eh, Iím just sorta drifting these days, Jesse. I figured Iíd come out here and see ya.

JESSE: Well come in, come in.

[Bonez is welcomed in by Jesse Gunn, the man that Bonez had mentioned in The Epic Ė Part 2, and they both go in as Jesse leads Bonez into what is presumably the living room. They sit down on fancy leather couches. Looking around, there appears to be a lot of religious decorations around.]

BONEZ: So Jesse, what have you been doing since you and WLW parted ways?

JESSE: I couldnít be happier. I mean, of course I miss the business, but Iím not going back. It lead me down the darkest path I could have imagined.

BONEZ: Whaddya mean? Your were a big success!

JESSE: Bonez, I gotta tell you a little bit about me and the me that wrestling turned me into. I was raised in way that when I started wrestling, the decisions I made affected my parents a lot. It took me a long time to be on good terms with them again, and that was about when I met you.

BONEZ: When you met me, in EWO, you were anything but being led down a dark path.

JESSE: Lemme finish. After the injury that almost ended my career, I came back. But I was greedy. EWO was gone, and most everyone from EWO had gone to TCW. But TCW was no EWO, and instead of staying loyal to my friends, I left.

BONEZ: How the hell is that greedy? Hahaha

JESSE: Bonez, loyalty was one of my biggest attributes as a person. Unlike my federations of the past, I gave up and moved on because I felt that TCW was going down the drain. And even though it did, I donít think it would have if I had stayed and done my best. So then I brought forth E-Fed Ratings Domain, and it was my biggest disaster of all. But it also changed me. Through all the controversy, a lot of guys that were putting heat on me were giving me a bad reputation. But, in a way, it was well earned. I was a bitter man, and it showed through. When I brought to life WLW, my greatest work, I was a relentless bastard!

BONEZ: Címon Jesse, you hadda do what you hadda do.

JESSE: But I did a lot of stuff that I didnít need to do. Anyway, Smitty and Conan were a wake up call to me when they took WLW away from me. After I got up from the loss, it hit me; I had lost everything. I owned squat in the business. But it was good. Because I realized that I was wrong. And with that, I was set free. Gone were the emotions of anger and vengeance. They were replaced with the feeling of freedom, and a joy that I had been lucky enough to be set free.

BONEZ: Set freeÖ whatís that supposed to mean?

JESSE: I didnít need the business. It made me go to any extremes to get what I want. That CAN be a good thing, but not in my case. I knew that it was God giving me a wake-up call. Iíve always been a strong believer of God, and now I can fully tighten our relationship.

[Bonez looks a bit confused.]

JESSE: Listen, Iím not saying that I regret my time in the business. With out it, I wouldnít be where I am today. But what I am saying is that Iím happy that Iím free of it. Sure, Iíd like to go back a little bit. But not with all the controversy, not will all pressures that forced me to go down the paths I did before. Just me, and an opponent of my choosing. But thatís not about to happen, eh?

BONEZ: If thatís what floats your boat. You see, now that WLW is over, Iím done. Itís been a great trip, but Iím past my prime so Iím going to be prone to injury. So Iíve made enough money, I can get out while Iím still in top physical shape.

JESSE: Thatís great.

BONEZ: Ya damn right it is. So I have been relaxing for a while, but ya know, Iím starting to get a little bored. I mean, what do you do now-a-days? You canít say you sit around all day.

JESSE: Of course not! Iíve got a lot going for me now. Iíve got a great girlfriend, weíre really getting close, Iíve begun getting really involved with the church. Its my passion before wrestling, but with the path I went down I never really could get as involved.

BONEZ: And this is how you see yourself for the rest of your life?

JESSE: I suppose. Money isnít an issue, and its really fulfilling working with the church.

BONEZ: If thatís what your into. Iím happy for you man, but Iím missing that something for myself.

[The camera fades out.]

Friday, July 13th

[The camera fades in a practically empty cafť somewhere in LA. Jesse Gunn and Bonez appear to be eating lunch.]

BONEZ: Ya see, Jesse, I got the chance to get out of the business with money, health, and a long life a head of me. But I have no idea what Iím gonna do now.

JESSE: I donít know what to tell ya. I found my first calling, maybe you should find yours..

BONEZ: Yea, butÖ hey you two!

[Bonez eyes drift from Gunn to two men just walking behind him. They appear to be Kodiac and Saunder, the two wrestlers performing for Mindtripís Indy-Fed in New York City.]

SAUNDER: Bonez, ReVoL?

KODIAC: How do you guys know us?

JESSE: (looking confused) Yea, Bonez, how do we know them?

BONEZ: Heh, I saw you two last week in New York, wrestling for U.S.W. But I was wondering what your doing way out here in LA, I thought the next show was in Texas.

KODIAC: Oh, the two of us share an apartment here in LA. We usually only wrestle for Indyís close by, but Mindtrip gives us our highest pay check.

BONEZ: Thatís rough. I remember what its like bouncing around in the Indyís, little pay, hard work, no recognition. But listen guys, you have a lot of charisma and you just needa catch a break and youíll get the big pay off.

SAUNDER: I hope so. If it wasnít for Mindtrip we wouldnít have had enough for rent this month.

JESSE: Well I hope you guys make it.

[Saunder and Kodiac walk away.]

JESSE: Bonez, keep looking and youíll find what God intended for you to do.

[Bonez tries to his amusement from this sentence because Jesse was dead serious.]

BONEZ: UhÖ thanks man. I gotta get going though. Iíll see you around.

[Bonez and Jesse walk out to the Firebird and shake hands. Bonez gets in and drives away as the camera fades out.]***

To Be Continued.....
Picture by Jason Christy
Copyright Endust Unlimited 2001-2002