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The Epic - Part 2

Saturday, July 7th, 2001 Ė New York City, New York

***VOICE: Aight, Bonez, how can you turn an offer like this down? XW is giving you an offer better than any youíve ever seen in your life!

[The camera fades in as Nick Johnson and Bonez are sitting in a nice cafť. It is mid-afternoon and the place isnít too packed.]

BONEZ: Nick, your just not getting it. Itís not about the money. Sure, I will be guaranteed almost twice as much as I was making in EWO, but you gotta understand that I made all the money I need for life. Last year I reached the top of the ladder when I held the EWO/OSW Heavyweight Championship. After EWO, I had one more big gig in the Insane Tournament Version 1.0, at which the years of punishment Iíve taken started to set in. I havenít been on an active roster in a year at the end of next month, when Iíll also be turning 39.

NICK: Ya, but age has nothing to do with it. Címon, Bonez, your still a big draw for crowds. At age 37 you were at your best. So what if youíve gone down a lot in this one year, your still one hell of a fighter.

BONEZ: Nick, listen, one year ago I could go toe to toe with Smitty and Conan, I may have felt a little different about this situation if a month ago I hadnít stepped in the ring with them and got my ass whooped. Theyíre retiring now because of political reasons, Iím retiring because of physical reasons.

NICK: Bonez, you donít understand. After what happened to WLW they didnít want to take anymore chances because of all the problems it cause. You, on the other hand, donít want to take chances anymore because you no longer are at the level to go against two of the best in the business. No one expects you to be able to match up with them.

BONEZ: (smiles) Wow, man, you sure donít know how to take no for an answer. I have the opportunity to do what few wrestlers ever do, leave the business healthy. I have more than enough money to take care of myself for the rest of my life. I am leaving because I am not as good as I used to be, and I am lucky enough to have the option of leaving while Iím still in great shape. Now Nick, I told Mindtrip Iíd meet him in a half an hour, so I gotta go.

NICK: This isnít the end of this (grins). One.


[Bonez exits the cafť and jumps into his blue, 1988 Fire Bird and starts it up. The scene changes to outside a New York high school with a semi-trailer truck parked in its parking lot. The Fire Bird pulls in and parks. Bonez walks through a door into a gymnasium where the seats are packed with people. In the center of the gym there is a wrestling ring, on which itís apron says ďUSWĒ. Inside the ring are two amateur wrestlers trying to make it. Bonez walks around and gets to a door where a paper that says ďVIPís ONLYĒ is taped on. Bonez walks in and is an little hallway, which is set up as the backstage area with refreshments. Bonez walks by many no name wrestlers until he meets Mindtrip who is wearing a ďUSWĒ shirt and carrying a clipboard.]

MINDTRIP: Welcome to United States Wrestling, my little project.

BONEZ: How did you put this together?

MINDTRIP: Well, I was doing a lot of work with the Indy-Feds while in WLW, scouting for talent. So finally when the fed shut down, I managed to get some LEW equipment and put together an Indy of my own. Whaddya think?

BONEZ: Not bad at all. Do you got anything going good with this?

MINDTRIP: Well, I promote city to city. I call whatever local wrestlers I know that are with in that area, and there are a few that I can always call to make a show. Like those four guys over there (points to 4 no-names), I have one show a month and theyíve got a great match that they do every month for me, no matter where I go. The two on the left have a lot of potential to move up, but they need work on their promo skills. This is the Federationís third show, theyíve been to the last two. Anyway, I wanted you to come down and see a show and gimme some feedback on what you think.

BONEZ: Mindtrip, Iím the last person who wants to be around wrestling right now. Iím finally retired for good.

MINDTRIP: Your serious, huh?

BONEZ: Donít tell me you spoke to Nick. Heís stuck on getting me into XW. Iím done, for good. I donít need wrestling, and it can do with out me.

MINDTRIP: Címon, Bonez, you may not be as good as you used to be but your still a damn good wrestler.

BONEZ: So what? What have I got left to prove. I havenít been on an active roster in about a year and Iíd like to keep it that my last televised match was a memorable one. Iíll never get the chance again to team with Jesse Gunn against Smitty and Conan, and Iíd like to keep it my last match. Losing is what showed me that I was done.

MINDTRIP: If thatís what you really want to do. But what are you going to do now?

BONEZ: I dunno, Iím still trying to figure that out. Last I talked to Smitty and Conan they werenít sure yet, but theyíre getting out of the biz and into something else. I havenít talked to Jesse since his retirement, and TUW and the rest have sorta lost touch. Nick is set on having me in XW, so Iím thinking about going out to LA.

MINDTRIP: Oh. (looks away) Look at this.

[Mindtrip brings Bonez over to a door and points to the ring, where now the four wrestlers pointed to earlier are in the ring.]

MINDTRIP: On the left is Kodiac and Saunder, and theyíre against ďMarvelousĒ Michael Williams and ďWildĒ Bill Saprano.

BONEZ: They got good chemistry.

[The crowd is buzzing as the action in the ring is high paced and the team of Saunder and Kodiac are working like a well oiled machine, and while not totally dominating the match, hit some pretty impressive moves getting a good reaction from the small crowd. They win with an impressive move that looks similar to a double fisherman-suplex.]

MINDTRIP: I love those guys. I really think they could get a good deal on TV. Anywho, I gotta go get ready. Were still running a bit low on names that the people know, so I gotta main event it.

BONEZ: Damn, I wish I could stay, but if Iím going to LA then I really gotta get going.

MINDTRIP: Your driving??

BONEZ: HELL NO! But I gotta catch my plane, my car is special cargo.

MINDTRIP: Whatís in LA, anyway?

BONEZ: I gotta go see somebody.

[With that, Mindtrip is left in question as Bonez walks away and the camera fades out.]***

To Be Continued.....
Picture by Jason Christy
Copyright Endust Unlimited 2001-2002