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The Epic - Part 1

Tuesday, June 18th, 2001
***[The camera fades in Orlando, Florida outside the TD Waterhouse Centre. The camera pans across this lot in which several semi trail trucks with a "WLW" logo on them are backed up into a docking bay. A large number of people are working. A noise slowly gets louder and louder, until we realize a blue 1988 Fire Bird comes flying into the lot, screeches the brakes on and turns off. A fairly big man with long blond hair steps out, he looks mad. He walks towards the building where he is met by another man who speeks.]

MAN: Bonez, what are you doing here?

BONEZ: WE GOT SHUT OFF THE AIR, GODDAMNIT! Mindtrip, I need to speak to Mania.

MINDTRIP: Bonez, I know all about what happened. You just missed them. There have been angry wrestlers here all day.

BONEZ: Why the f(censored)k not!? We were replaced with a friggen hallmark special!

MINDTRIP: Damnit Bonez, you know there more to it than that. We've been losing money from the start, and Smitty lost a lot of money investing in WLW, and it wasn't worth it anymore, you know that.

BONEZ: But what about all that talk about "give it a chance, with the new booking it'll come around"??

MINDTRIP: Bonez, give it a rest. They all feel the same way. Here (reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope, then hands it to Bonez) this is a little something from Smitty and Conan. Now, theres a few guys I was hoping you could talk to. Some of them are from LEW, and a few are the new recruits. They're still trying a grasp on things. Now damnit man, I can't do it by myself. Could you help me?

[With a heavy sigh the man known as Bonez walks in with Mindtrip. We are led into a locker room where there are many wrestlers standing, none of which are recognizable as top stars of the business.]

BONEZ: Listen up! Iíve been in this business for three years. And for the past three years, I have been apart of a little clique. That little clique started out back in the federation Mania 20001, in which Smitty, Conan, Nick Johnson, a few others that donít matter, and I were apart of. All of us would find one fed, and make it great. Now, Smitty, Conan, and Nick did a great job with WLW, but the problems that they had to deal with when they took over were too much to overcome. If shutting down WLW is what they thought was right, then damnit it is. But donít think I donít know where your coming from. Iíve been there, guys. Iíve been out of the job with out anything to fall back on. But waiting in a locker room until the end of the day hoping for some refuge wonít make it any better. Get out there, and make a living. WLW is not the only fed out there.

[Some of the wrestlers come up and begin talking to Bonez as the scene fades out.]

Wednesday, July 4th, 2001

VOICE: Damnit Nick, Iím retired for good this time.

[The camera fades in on an unidentified location, but we are inside a large cottage. Bonezís long blond hair is slicked back and wet, heís wearing a bathing suit. Heís talking on the phone.]

BONEZ: First of all, itíd be a three hour drive to the nearest airport, Iím up at the lake in New Hampshire. And Iím also not about to do this on the fourth! (a voice is heard talking on the other end of the phone) I donít care if its supposed to rain tonight. (Bonez cracks a smile) Whats with you man? Smitty can say ďIím doneĒ, Conan can say ďNot going backĒ, what makes me so special? (more talking from the other end receiving a full grin from Bonez) Listen, Iím very doubtful. Iíve done everything Iíve ever wanted to in the biz. It was exactly one year ago that everyone says I was past my prime. I went on to show them without any doubt that I had just reached it. But now, now I say Iíve past my prime. I got some stuff left up my sleeve, but Iíd rather stay out of the ring and feel better knowing that Iíve been to the top while I grow old. Most wrestlers are weak and bridle by there seventies, Iím not going to do that. Next month Iím gonna be 39 man. That may not be old, but in the wrestling business it sure as hell is. (on the other end there is talking) Aight, Buttaz. Iíll see you on TV I guess. One.

[Bonez hangs up the phone and walks out of sight as the camera fades out.]***

To Be Coninued.....
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