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The Weekly Impact

In case you all needa know, this column is OOC and in character at times. Anywho, lets get to business. Two weeks ago, Endust came into XW with an impact. We tore up both the rp board and the OOC board, and put out a column in which one hadnít been seen in weeks. And then in one week, things changed in Endust. A few reasons whyÖ Bonez, Kodiac, and Saunder were originally planned to be run by separate owners, two friends of mine (Bonez). Well those two friends of mine decided they didnít want to, leaving Bonez to be all three members of Endust, and I think Iím doing an okay job. But for this last week I have been partying my ass off and getting fucked up every night, what a way to prepare to go back to school, huh? Anywho, Endust is back in the saddle and prepare for The Weekly Impact, heh.

-Thursday Night Shock
This shock stood out to the two other ones that Endust have been at. There wasnít anything big for Endust, since Bonez lost his Title and Kodiac ďinjuredĒ Chris Sparks. But there were some great angles going down. The main event for Revolution is really heating up. It has now become a four way sixty minutes no DQ or count outs Iron Man match. I donít know about the rest of yaíll, but that is going to be one crazy match, and I wish best luck to Jason Sensation, Drachenfyre, Freeway, and Jerome Masada. At this point in time, Masada has my bet for the win, followed by Freeway. No offense to Drach or Jason, but I donít see either of them walking away the winner.

This show really was great. The backstage segments were exceptional, and ďPricelessĒ Joey Prince made a great debut. But I loved the attention put on Kodiac after his match with Chris Sparks. A great angle here, as Sparks is paralyzed after a Kodiac Smash. I think it would be a great angle if they boycotted the Kodiac Smash, hmmmÖ. Anyway, great use of it and I loved how they acknowledged how dangerous the move is. Think about it, a powerbomb into a piledriver? OUCH!

I canít say it enough, great show. The suit of armor had me rolling, and thatís not just because I was high at the time. It sure does beat the heroin angle and whoever thought of it I give props to, it was very creative.

Next up Bonez lost the Streetfight Title. OOC I blame this on the fact that I only posted twice and I believe I woulda won, but I didnít win and I did only post two rps so I deserved to lose and props to Mike Sensation. In character, Bonez didnít believe Mike Sensation was a threat since Sensation was ďdumb enoughĒ (remember, in character) to think that Bonez had been in XW for a while. Sensation was Bonezís second match.

The whole night Jerome was being talked to by Rothchild and it was amusing watching Rothchild manipulate Masada. Masada is approached by GEO and is asked if Masada excepts. Now its probably my stoned ass being stupid, but did I miss something? I donít know what Masada is being asked, I probably over read somewhere. Or, the geniuses at the top of XW are saving it for something big. I vote for number two so I donít look like a fool.

A mysterious man appeared and helped Colin Ronning in his match against Hudson. This man was later found out to be Jason Cruise, as they attacked Endust later on in the show, prompting a tag team match between Saunder and Kodiac vs. Colin and Jason next week.

I want to say my respect to Frost and Carter right now for an awesome fued the two of them are having, and although the rp count for them wasnít that high, I wanna give props to whoever wrote the match and the hype surrounding it. I love hype, and they put a lot of heat on Frost going into the match and it was great for the show.

Where is Omega? He canít be gone forever, can he? He didnít show up at Shock, but I doubt heís gone forever. Omega may be my favorite wrestler in XW, he has the most creative and entertaining rps, my favorite was ďWhat Goes Through Your Mind Before You DieĒ. Well, I hope that this isnít the end of this and I hope he comes back, because Omega can come back in a spectacular way and Iím hoping he does.

The formation of La Familia might have been my favorite segment of the night. They will indeed prove to be a powerful force in XW. Stables seem to be growing these days, Code Red, then Endust, and now comes La Familia. Do I smell a war going on? None of these stables like each other, and they all want to eliminate the other. But, La Familia have the edge. With five members, Endust and Code Red have their work cut out for them. What if Endust and Code Red teamed up, could they coexist? I doubt it, but the odds would be more in there favor then. This could go anywhere, and I canít wait to see what happens.

In the main event, we found that Freeway and Masada canít coexist, and Code Red picks up a victory. This is great news to Code Red, and it gives a lot of heat towards Freeway and Masada for Revolution. I think it will come down to the wire between these two at Revolution, and this main event definitely is going to heat things up.

Jeff and Jon Jericho in XW? I donít know who either of them are and what past they have, but they have my attention. How couldnít they with such good choice in music. ďRole ModelĒ by Eminem was a favorite song of mine when the Slim Shady LP came out. But being enemies? This sure does turn things around. The XW main eventers have a lot of competition, and I canít wait to see what the Jericho brothers bring to it, and what beef Jon Jericho has with Freeway.

-Next Weeks Predictions

Dark Debut Match Jack Rabbit vs. Jason Crow vs. Simon Welsh
Never seen any of them, but Simon Welsh Instant Messaged me and told me Iím one of his favorites in XW, so heís got my vote in this match. Heh heh

Tag Match Colin Ronning/Jason Cruise vs. Kodiac/Saunder
Do I need to answer this one? ENDUST ALL THE WAY!

*Street Fight Match Keyshawn Jones vs. Mike Sensation
Props to Sensation for winning the belt, he may defend it. But, I know Keyshawn Jones and he definitely has the ability to go for a Memorial Title, maybe Platinum Title, reign. But, that is only if he rps, he is known for never rping for a match so if he rps, I vote for him. If he donítí, congrats to Senation.

Singles Match "Priceless" Joey Prinze vs. Lotus Johnson
These two seem pretty equal, but Iíve seen Lotus around longer so I say he takes the win.

*Memorial Title Match Joe Shafton vs. Terminal Frost vs. Travis Windsor
Frost all the way! Sorry folks, but heís gonna hold that title for a long time. I personally wanna see him move up to the Platinum Title, but theres too much competition up there now. I say some of the competition moves down to Memorial Title, making XW competition some of the best around.

Singles Match Bonez vs. Michael C. Herta
Iím moving up in the card, heh. I donít wanna seem full of myself by voting for myself after a loss from Mike Sensation. But, Herta is distinguished and I have an opportunity here to show everyone how good Bonez is. Iíma get old school this week perhaps, so just watch this one and prepare for the upset. Heh.

Four Corner Match Jerome Masada vs. Jonathan Levesque vs. Jon Jericho vs. Scotty Carter
Jerome Masada, heís pretty damn good and one of my favorites in XW.

Singles Match Freeway vs. Drachenfyre
Drachenfyre is good, but I donít think he has a chance in this one. Freeway is another favorite of mine, and he will take the win.

Main Event Non-Title Match Geo vs. Jason Sensation
This is a close one, these men are pretty even Sensation may be the champion, but that make give GEO just the motivation he needs to pick it up a notch and take the win. I am gonna vote for GEO.

-Endustís Wrestler of the Week
Giovanni "God" Sambora- He put the effort in this week and it showed, earning himself a match in the main event. I think he will take the win next week.

-Endustís Roleplay of the Week
Doubts by Omega. Okay, so this rp isnít from this week. But itís a damn good rp and I think everyone should read it.

In closing, I hope to get a ďWeekly ImpactĒ up every week, but with school arriving I doubt I will, since I have Bonez, Kodiac, and Saunder to take care of. It may turn into a every other week column. Anywho, these are the views of Endust, and if you donít like them, write your own damn column.

Pictures by Jason Christy
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