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The Weekly Impact

Welcome, to the first edition of “The Weekly Impact”. We are, as you now know, Endust Unlimited. It seems that we couldn’t have had better timing in entering XW, as the first show after Blitzkriek things seemed to be bran new. New champions, new ownership, new everything. This column will be about what happens in XW every week and give the opinion of us. So lets get to our first topic, what happened on this last Shock.

-Thursday Night Shock
The opening segment grabbed our attention right away. At Blitzkriek we found out that it was Frost, no Carter, that was taking steroids. Geo tells Carter that in order to get his fame back that he has to take out Frost. This fued is really heating up, and when the two finally do meet down the road it is going to be an epic battle.

The next segment of Shock was a personal favorite, the entrance of BONEZ! Since late July Bonez began his Epic, ending August 16, at the Winnipeg Arena where later that night Shock would be taking place. B.L. Davis enters the scene saying that Bonez isn’t going to last in XW, when he is jumped by Kodiac and Saunder, two wrestlers from the Indy’s that Bonez brought up to create ENDUST! This also prompted a match between the two next week.

The first match of the night was a debut between Jason Cage and Joe Shafton. Shafton came out with the clean win.

The next match was a four corners dance between Snapdragon, Jay Talisman, Vincent Valentine, and Lotus Johnson. It was a mediocre match, but the ending stood out when Lotus Johnson left the other three men in his dust. He’s opened a door for himself in XW, now he needs to go storming through it and see how far he can get.

Earlier in the show, Michael C. Herta had been looking for Percy Snow, who had shown up late. Well, the two finally run into each other and Snow says that Herta is just the man to teach Jerome Masada, who had apparently “disrespected” Snow earlier, a lesson. We then cut to Masada’s locker room, in which he is completely paranoid about being attacked. His solution: “I have ta get em..before day get me. Strike First...yah, dats what I gots ta do.”

Next match, Tyker Douglas vs. Colin Ronning. One thing that stood out in my mind was the mention of a “Chuck” fellow who I didn’t see anywhere else in the match. I also saw that a certain one Ronning was calling Rolling. But, in the end, Colin Ronning won and an incredible match between the two.

Now here… Here is where I question the quality of the XW shows. The “Moose” fellow who has quite a reputaion in XW for being fucked up, he is now shooting up heroin. Yes, its funny. But c’mon guys, this is E-Feds damnit. Using steroids is one thing, its realistic. But heroin? That’s crap. Although I was amused when Frost thought he found his steroids, the Moose I find to be a big downer on the results.

Then we get to Jerome Masada vs. Freeway. I like these guys. They cut entertaining promos and they are apart of great angles. This may have been my favorite angle of the night, as a great match is going on, Herta comes out with a chair. When Masada asks him what he’s doing, WHAM! Percy Snow smashes a bat on him causing Freeway to take the win. Then, in an obvious battle that Herta is having with in himself, Snow wins out as Herta nails Masada with the chair and then sends him through three tables. You’d expect it to be the end, right? Masada gets up and chases them away. Not the best taste by having Masada get up, but it does heat things up and I can’t wait to see what happens next between these guys.

And I can’t leave Freeway out. He just earned himself a Platinum Title Shot at the next PPV against Jason Sensation. Now, we haven’ been around long enough to have an opinion of Sensation, but what we’ve got wind of is that people think he isn’t good enough to have the Title. From what I’ve seen on the OOC board, he’s earned it and he’s being a man about it. So for everyone who says he doesn’t deserve that Title, why don’t you go out there and take it from him.

Next up is the Memorial Title Match between Drachenfyre and Frost, the champion. Now here I laughed my ass off as he wants the steroids during the match in case he’s in trouble. It’s a moment of complete idiocy, quite entertaining. Now I still don’t like the idea of heroin, so when he finally goes for the needle, and the ref gets it and passes out, I wasn’t amused at all. It is crap. Then to have Frost take it too. C’mon, do you expect us to believe anything like this could possible ever happen, or that a character like the moose could really exist? Its bullshit, and I think it needs to be taken off the shows soon. Now, I happen to find Frost Promo’s pretty exciting, and the steroid angle is great. But the moose needs to go. So the match is going on, and B.L. Davis is said to have come out, (TYPO BY FROST). Davis was backstage probably icing his back after the Bonez-Bomb he was given earlier in the show (haha). It was actually Travis, who I have know idea is. Now Travis and Noid cost Drachenfyre the win while Frost is “high on heroin”. Not entertainment. The heroin ruins the angle.

Next up, Mike Steele and Jason Rothchild return to the ring. Rothchild is still the CEO, that’s great. But I need to be honest in this one. I get the heelish vibe from Rothchild. I like Percy Snow. He appeals in an innocent evil sorta way. So, GO SNOW! But, I did like the Mike Steele being made into a secretary and janitor’s assistant. But I do wish he’d go back to wrestling, he was a good rper last I heard.
Kyle Broadway vs. GEO, I like the idea. Intensive is what I would like to say about this match. Code Red hits the ring and all hell broke loose. That was, until Jerome Masada came out, leaving just him and GEO in the ring. GEO smiles and leaves. Then Masada runs to the back and smashes the back window of Percy Snow’s car as he leaves. Great ending….

But then the homeless moose shows up again. GET RID OF THIS GUY, HE SUCKS. He does Chewbacca call and finds his heroin needle and then takes some. THAT’S GAY.

-Next Week’s Perdictions
Debut Match New signees battle to see if they can make the show next week. Jeremy Hudson vs. "Simply Irresistible" Jeremy Vaughn vs. Psycho Clown vs. Desolation. No doubt that Desolation has my vote. I enjoyed his rp a lot. Phycho clown was the only other person to rp, and to be brutally honest I gotta say that it was crap.

Regular Match Ya like? Joe Shafton vs. Drachenfyre. It’s going to be close, but I will say that Drachenfyre will win. He’s a great part of the fed, he put together Code Red and he has a lot to bring to the ring.

Street Fight Title Light Bulb Match A dozen long florescent light bulbs on a table in the middle of the ring. B.L. Davis vs. Bonez. Do I really need to get into this one? First off, I have no idea how to win. But, once Bonez finds out, he’s going to take the Street Fight Title. B.L. Davis is a great rper, but Bonez is bringing everything he can to the match.

Regular Match Masada is dangerous when he's mad, watch out Lotus. Jerome Masada vs. Lotus Johnson. Lotus made an incredible debut into XW. But, Masada has my vote, he just has what it takes to beat someone like Lotus.

Tag Title Match Second time the tag titles are defended in a singles match! Chris Sparks vs. Jason Cage.Tag Titles in a singles match? This better be the last time because you don’t wanna overdue it. I don’t know either of these two that well so….. Jason Cage, the Code Red man.

Regular Match Could the #1 Contendership be on the line? Freeway vs. Colin Ronning. Freeway, nuff said.

Regular Match Scotty Carter back, Keyshawn Jones debuts.....awesome! Scotty Carter vs. Keyshawn Jones. I have no idea in this one. Scotty has a reputation that I think he can live up to, but Keyshawn Jones has abilities to go all the way. I’m going to have to go with Carter in the end.

Regular Match God takes on the Owner's reluctant partner...yea! Michael C. Herta vs. GEO. Another close one. I’m going with GEO. Platinum Title Match Windsor? Yes Windsor, dedication merits rewards! Jason Sensation vs. Travis Windsor. Great match. I wish Travis Windsor luck, but Sensations going all the way.

Memorial Title Match Omega looking for a chance to get his title back...or will he wait for the Platinum Title instead? Terminal Frost vs. Omega. Isn’t the Platinum Title usually in the main event? Haha. This is going to be a great match, Frost and Omega are two of the top stars in XW. Its really a flip of a coin between the two, but in the end I’ll go with Frost.

In closing, this turned out to be a long ass column. Next week won’t be as bad, as Endust Unlimited believes they won’t analyze every segment, but just give brief opinions of what happened and let you read it yourself. This has been this week’s dosage of The Weekly Impact.

Pictures by Jason Christy
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