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Weekly BoneZ-BomB

The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of mine and mine alone. Therefore if there is anything you don't agree with or are offended by you can BLOW ME!

Welcome everyone to the fourth edition of one of XCW's hottest products, THE WEEKLY BONEZ-BOMB!I started this column realized not much has changed since last week, so check out my last column if you feel I miss anything. I will not be naming bitches this week because frankly I believe almost everyone was except for a select few. We did have a GREAT show though week so I will be giving out awards and making predictions that only the PERFECT veteran can.

I also have a bone to pick with Repent. I have one question.. Supremacy Championship isn't the main event? Fact of the matter the Jesse Gunn vs. Macaluso match has the potentail to steal the show but the main event should be changed in my opinion to the Heavyweight Title bout because Titan wants to keep the belt... and I am gonna take it. Plust Macaluso no-showed.. not that he didn't have his reasons but you don't deserve a main event after that and the quality of the show would go up if u put that match in its place. I may be wrong about this one but all I have to say is take it to the RP board.


I like the kid he has heart. JVC's effort level alone puts him above the rest and once he starts getting pushed properly I think people will underestimate him. Keep pumping out those rps JVC.

ROLEPLAY OF THE WEEK AWARD: -Team Mania- by World Heavyweight Champion Smitty
For the second week in a row our World Champion has been the most entertaining. I liked this rp because not only did he tie in the end of the show(which he wrote might I add) but he also tied Jesse Gunn's rp into it in a realistic fashion. GRADE A+

MATCH OF THE WEEK AWARD: -Smitty & Titan vs. Jesse THE KNIGHT Gunn & Curtis BONEZ Schmitt
Let's face it this was a great match. Smitty and Titan walked away with the win but not without major incident. Was Macaluso the masked attacker? And did Bonez kick out but Titan's cheap tight holding ways cost the match? In my eyes the four top superstars of XCW with the exception of Macaluso... where art thou Macaluso? lol

""Periel picks up the table and lines it up again in front of the steel chair. Periel picks up Hardcore's legs AND SLING SHOT'S KID HARDCORE THROUGH THE TABLE AND INTO THE STEEL CHAIR! The fans chant "Holy Shit!" Table pieces lay in the ring and the chair is bent. Periel slaps his hands on Kid Hardcore as the referee counts. 1............2............3! The referee signals for the bell and paramedics. Periel's music then plays on the P.A.

STYLES: "A very impressive victory by Periel. He is the new Xtreme Champion."

BRITT: "Hardcore hung tough he made this match exciting. Tough loss but at least he is still the Industrial Champion."

Paramedics pull Hardcore out of the ring and onto the stretcher. They bring him into the backstage area. Periel is presented with the title belt as the fans boo. Periel holds the belt over his shoulder, as he walks out of the ring. He looks to the empty ring, then turns to the back, ignoring the crowd completely. BRITT: "Damn. This guy is cold. Completely cold. "

STYLES: "He didn't waste time on Kid Hardcore in there, nor take it easy on him."

BRITT: "Well, this guy's careeer in XCW certainly looks bright. "

STYLES: "As dark, cruel and cold as he is, more gold may come his way."""
Periel where were you this week? Don't tell me you bounced already before I got a match with you. TISK TISK

RIB OF THE WEEK AWARD: -Straight Edge sXe Impersionastion-
I took last week off and SHOWTIME didn't reply, WHAT THE HELL DO I GOTTA DO TO GET THIS GUYS ATTENTION! lol.. Bonez challenged Showtime so lets see where this goes.

BITCH(ES) OF THE WEEK AWARD: -The Midnight Xtreme_
Fellas you two are losing your touch, Brian Raver should disappear and Kid Hardcore consentrate on regaining something for himself. Otherwise ya'll are BITCHES


Before I make predictions I have to fix something... I feel Macaluso and Gunn r great competitors, GREAT... but the facts are that the Mania Supremacy belt is better and deserves the main event MORE.. even if i wasn't in the title match.. say it was macaluso vs titan for the belt, THAT would be the main event. Therefore I've gone ahead and fixed it here for repent. LOL

Mania Supremacy Title Match: (c)Titan vs. Bonez
The CORRECT main event... frankly I have high hopes. Me and Titan have never locked up before and I'm excited to see what Smitty's cousin has for me. Right now i'm trying new things with Bonez and winning the Mania Supremacy Title would be a major push. BIG MATCH and I can't vote on a winner. I'd say myself but that will motivate Titan too much, lol.

Phil Macaluso vs. Jesse Gunn
Very evenly matched in this one.. I would tend to believe Jesse Gunn will walk away with the win just from his history but this is exactly the type of match that will give Macaluso some momentum as a wrestler, a big win for both.. bigger for Macaluso. I see

Tag Match: "The Genocidal Angel" Periel/JVC vs. Kid Hardcore/Brian Raver
These four men represent all of our upper midcard right now. TGA Periel definately is above the rest with a strong debut but I wanna see this guy pay some dues now that hes the Xtreme Champion. He needs to set himself apart from the roster. This is big for the Midnight Xtreme because they represent coming in the way their opponents did and really it is a test between the 2 teams for a higher spot on the card. JVC has had a strong showing and this match has the POTENTIAL to steal the show if the competitors really want the win. My vote goes to TGA and JVC

Shanghai Serpico vs. Bill Gnarly
Shanghai Serpico hasn't debuted yet.. this is the show to flex his muscle. will he no-show again? My vote goes to Gnarly

Kiss Keibler vs. Big Tony G
Neither of em are going to rp so they don't deserve the match..

Pace One vs. Virus
Who is the better show opener, XCW's "gangster" or Virus. Maybe a fued is brewing.. who knows. My pick is for Pace One

Plus: Smitty and Mr. Showtime will be in attendance with a Shocking interview!
I was wondering where these guys were on the card. Showtime finally will reply to my challenge and as for Smitty.. whatever it is i bet its big.

And this concludes anothe edition of the Weekly Bonez-Bomb. Sorry I didn't give you guys my segment on being bitches or not bitches.... so your ALL bitchs. haha... anyway this is the last show before Destruction and we have some great matches and some great rpers.. if you want something at Destruction this show is the one to make it happen at. Anyway this has been The Weekly Bonez-Bomb, YOU JUST GOT A TASTE OF PERFECTION!

Pictures by Jason Christy
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