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Weekly BoneZ-BomB

The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of mine and mine alone. Therefore if there is anything you don't agree with or are offended by you can take your opinions and shove them up your ass!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the third instalment of the Bonez-Bomb! I want to start off by saying we had a decent showing in rps this week. Let's face it... we really could have used a Bonez-RP, hehe. I do believe that everyone is progressing nicely and I am especially interested in our two latest catches, "The Genocidal Angel" Periel and Jason Van Clief, both having non-rping opponents. My only hope is that they don't allow this to stagger their own effort levels here because I see bright futures for both men. Darian X is on his way out and I believe this is the first show Kid Hardcore has ever not rped for. But lets finish all this chit chat, ladies and gentlemen.. I give you THE TRUTH:


This is the trademark of my column where I run up and down everyone on the roster and put them to the test, BITCH or NOT A BITCH!

Midnight Xtreme Member Brian Raver - Raver's career in XCW is behind Kid Hardcore and since bringing him here I feel that Kid has let him go to waste and no showing on a World Title shot was the PERFECT opportunity for Raver to come to his own. BITCH

Midnight Xtreme Member Double Champion Kid Hardcore - Kid Hardcore first joined XCW with great intentions, he should consider himself lucky to accomplish what he has. I see him burning out plain and simple. It was fun to pick on him before but lately he has failed to entertain. BITCH

Darian X - BITCH

Carnage - He's still here? BITCH

Virus - Keep those lethal rps coming... Because, Virus, you have goals and aspirations here.. you put in an effort, you are NOT A BITCH

Big Tony G. - Guess who's back.... back again. Tony's back, how long this time? If you last another month I'd be surprised. BITCH

Double Lightning - The two idiots are on the rebound.. BITCHES

Pace One - I like the whole gangster gimmick, Repent should work that into the shows. NOT A BITCH

Shocker - Never amounted to anything in XCW. Had a great opportunity when he was basically handed the ball but as we have all come to find out Shocker is good for talk but does not know how to follow through. Here's an idea Shocker, win a match! You never have proved yourself in my eyes. BITCH

Tag Team Champion The Ikon - It's funny.. even when he is injured he has more of an impact than a lot of the roster. HA! NOT A BITCH

Jason Van Clief - Plain and simple I like this guy. He is a new view point to read and he has qualities that makes superstars in XCW. I hope that he doesn't let his enconter with a no-showing Darian X slow him down, use the freebie to step it up a notch and move on to something bigger because he is very capable. NOT A BITCH

G-Man - Give credit where credit is due.. G really was as good and in a lot of cases better than most of the XCW roster. But he wasn't staying to the G-Man calibur who he knows his character is so instead of fading out and just looking like a retard **SHOCKER** rather opting instead to go retire in probably the best Meltdown opener of The Rebirth. G-Man if you don't make it to the hall of fame you will always own a peice of XCW history. You know the words in that interview be true and it's funny.. I don't think this is the last XCW will see of G-Man. Until then, GOODBYE

Mania Supremacy Heavyweight Champion Titan - About DAMN time you lazy bum. Titan is not only Smitty's cousin, not only someone I have watch grow from the "corporate jobber" in Mania20001 to the Mania Supremacy Champion, but he always COULD have stepped it up but waited until now. NOT A BITCH

"The Genocidal Angel" Periel - The Next Xtreme Champion. This guys rping skill will be tough to match. Periel's entorage definately will help XCW and the man has a great ability to write. It is my hopes he will work with in the Xtreme Championship. Our defining title as he put it so well, has yet to define our company, Periel is the man to make it do that. NOT A BITCH

Tag Team Champion Phil Macaluso - Took a week off, technically should still hold the Mania Title. Now while Titan is my boy, he didn't win the title. That's right, MACALUSO SHOULDA WON! Will Phil return to behind a desk now that his title reign is over or use his unfair loss as motivation to prove beyond A SHADOW OF A DOUBT he is still the better man to hold the belt. BIATCH

Curtis "BONEZ" Schmitt - What is in that damn brief case? Probably the most entertaining angle of the new year.. I hope it is going over as well as I hoped. Me and Repent got some crazy idea's for tha '03, come and join us. BITCH(oooops)

Mr. Showtime - Well the Vice President has been dealt with by the Perfectionist of Perfection... really I can't wait for your reply. Betchya can't wait to find out whats in that brief case! MY BITCH

Jeremy "RePenT" Clarkson - The Powers That Be are finally finished, Shocker is finally broken, Kiss is off the dick. What's next, boss? The first show of 2003 maybe the best because Monday was an excellent show. NOT A BITCH

Jesse "THE KNIGHT" Gunn - Gunn we've been working with each other for a LONG time now and I don't think your rps have been this intense since back in the EWO. Power too ya and personally, just between you and me, I hope you finally beat that bastard Smitty. I'd be World Champion right now if it wasn't for him! lol. NOT A BITCH Worlds Heavyweight Champion Smitty - Is Mania enough to defeat XCW's hero? Who knows. I do have to say that all fueds that ever existed before... prepare to be shattered. The World Champion and The Knight are going one on one.. does anyone else hear hells bells? NOT A BITCH


The 5th PPV of The Rebirth is going to be announced and from what I am seeing so far it is shaping out to be the decidor for many heated rivalries. I have a feeling this whole month is going to be hot and expect nothing less than a spectacle over the next few weeks.

Pace One beats Shocker & BTG, BTG closely follows.

Too close to call between Double Lighting and "Evil Things".. errr... i mean Carnage and Virus

JVC pounds Darian X

TGA takes the Xtreme Title from Kid Hardcore... TGA is someone to watch for in the future.

Titan and Jesse Gunn fight to a no contest.. another very heated rivalry going WAY back. I don't see an end for this1 anytime soon.

Smitty KILLS Brian Raver in the ring. Don't doubt it.


Smitty reminds us every week why he is World Champion and this week he delivered nothing different. Some would say that because Smitty had less of a challenge this week he wouldn't need to put in the usual effort. But Smitty gave us the same effort we recieve every week and left us with a very entertaining rp. Facing off against someone that is obviously not as good as him perhaps we wouldn't have expected the "Mania Monster" but rather a typical "you don't have a chance in hell" rp. Good Job Champ

ROLEPLAY OF THE WEEK: -Collision Of Storms- by Jesse THE KNIGHT Gunn
As many rps are based Gunn has decided to pick up where the show ended and shows how he left the arena...err.... the parking lot that night. Few know Jesse as well as I do and have read his work, this rp showed a part of him you don't get to see all the time. Collision Of Storms was a great read and in my opinion his best rp since returning to XCW. He so very well describes the future between he and Smitty.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: -Bonez & Jesse Gunn vs. Smitty & Jeff Jarrett-
It was a hot match and each participant had a very different view of how the match would go down. It also helped shaped what the pace for the Gunn/Smitty fued will be. But as for myself... I kept it in the ring. It was a great technical match with a great ending.. if you've ever liked reading a match you'll like this one.

HIT OF THE WEEK: -Smitty vs. Jesse THE KNIGHT Gunn-
""Gunn walks over and slams Smitty's head on the expensive limo. Gunn steps up on the hood and brings Smitty with him. Jesse gets a grip on Smitty and lifts him up using all his might, GORILLA PRESS FROM JESSE TO SMITTY! SMITTY GETS DROPPED ON THE WINDSHIELD! The glass shatters! Gunn looks at Smitty who is holding his back in extreme pain, glass appears to have lacerated his skin.
KNIGHT: "Smitty, I want your World Title and I am going to TAKE it from you for THE KNIGHT HAS SPOKEN!"
Jesse jumps off the hood of the car and starts to walk away. He feels his forehead and looks at the blood on his hand, a fire lights up in his eyes. He turns around and walks back over towards the car. Gunn hops up on the hood and picks up Smitty looking at him. Gunn bitch slaps Smitty in his face! Smitty slaps Jesse back, unexpected! Jesse elbows Smitty then pushes him onto the roof of the limo! Gunn steps over the shattered windshield and up to the roof, it bends slightly under their weight. Smitty's backside is gushing as is his head, he kneels holding onto Jesse's waste trying to get up. Jesse raises his arms but Smitty punches him in the ribs. Again and again! Smitty gets to his feet and both men are exchanging blows on top of the roof, Smitty blocks and knee's Gunn in the ribs. Gunn is bent over and Smitty's face lights up he jumps up ROCKER-DROPPER ON GUNN THE ROOF COLAPSES AND THE LIMO SHATTERS! All the windows blow out and the limo has been crushed. We can barely see the two men in the car wreck. The camera circles around surveying the damage.
SMITTY: "Knight... you want the World Title.... your going to have to try HARDER!"""

RIB OF THE WEEK: -Mania Supremacy Heavyweight Championship Match: Titan(c) vs. Phil Macaluso
It is the ultimate rib to Phil Macaluso to have his gold taken away when he never fairly loss. Titan pinned Macaluso after a hard right hand and an exhausted Phil PUT HIS LEG ON THE ROPE, thus ending the pin count. The ref did NOT see this however and awarded Titan. Titan saw that Macaluso's leg was on the rope and using his brain knocked it off to make his win seem fair. How will the sXe member bounce back from this huge upset?

Ladies and gentlemen, Shocker has officially returned to XCW. On the OOC board that is. Sure he technically never left but has anyone actually believe he's here? If you go back far enough you will find Shocker rps on the rp board and as if swallowing what he says in those aren't enough you get to read his OOC claims, HA! Shocker you are XCW's Bitch of The Week because as much huff and puff you can give the fact remains you haven't proved shit. BITCH

And thus concludes another edition of The Bonez-Bomb. I'm sorry if I don't give you guys one of these every week, but what tha fuck have you done for me? lol. If you take offense to anything that I put down here write your own column, BITCH. I feel we are coming a long way and I hope this column will help give you guys some more motivation. XCW is a very special place and the more effort you put in the more you get out of it. Keep up the good work and hopefully you won't be a BITCH next week. Well have a safe and happy new year guys, YOU JUST GOT A TASTE OF PERFECTION!

Pictures by Jason Christy
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