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Weekly BoneZ-BomB

The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of mine and mine alone. Therefore if there is anything you don't agree with or are offended by you can BLOW ME!

And now ladies and gentlemen straight from my head I will shower you all with PERFECTION! What you are venturing on the second instalment of the Weekly Bonez-Bomb in a dying fad that once ruled the wold of E-Feds in what was formerly known as a column. Times have changed but we always share that common trate through the times to have FUN! It is my from my perspective that you all will get updated each week on how your character is progressing and what to watch for in XCW, a guide to having fun here!

What we are beginning to see is a general pick up in the rp department lately, people are realizing that they are judged more on their rps then what happens in the results. Well in the Bonez-Bomb you are judged PERFECTLY by me in what will be my trademark segment I give you the TRUTH:

-YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH(bitch or not a bitch)-

In this segment which I came up with from my first instalment I am going to run down the roster and talk about how they are coming a long each week. In the end everyone faces the test, BITCH or NOT A BITCH?????

Alkatraz - Former Xtreme Champion, former XCW Womens Best dressed, former XCW start. BITCH

The Ikon - Someone to watch, you are a man that can go places but it is up to you to get yourself there. NOT A BITCH

Shocker - You and Repent fought a war, I have a feeling Shocker won't just disappear. He lost his match and I believe there is one last thing in XCW for Shocker: to say goodbye. NOT A BITCH

Titan - Is this guy climbing the ranks or what? I know who our next challenger to the world champ is, AHEM! Get this man a World Title rematch, HE'S ON FIRE! NOT A BITCH

Pace One - He still work here? BITCH(only because where the FUCK are you?) Kiss Keibler - I said it once and I'll say it again, BITCH by gender and by skill.

G-man - I read his best rp every for the Casualty Cell. He SAYS he quit, but let it be known he's just blowing off steam. G has no quit in him although he's pissed hes not around as much to be the impact he CAN be. Let it be known, although looks can be decieving(lol i'm an asshole) G-Man is NOT A BITCH

Carnage, Virus, and Alkatraz are FIRED! The manner in which Showtime wrote that match was hilarious, so for these three BITCHES I give Showtime the credit for making SOMETHING out of NOTHING

Mr. Showtime - Helped make Xmas Chaos a great show although I think that Showtime is too competitive for the role of V.P., for who he is sometimes you need to follow shit up with a SHOWTIME SPLIT! NOT A BITCH

Midnight Xtreme- Kid Hardcore has come a long way from being XCW's Official bitch.. XCW needs to see more of its double champion. Brian Raver and you have formed this team but now what? Two guys who can get under XCW's skin better than anyone else should try to keep it that way. NOT BITCHES

Double Lightning- THE TWO IDIOTS! I love these two dudes, if Repent were smarter he would use them to his advantage. Just stick a camera behind these 2 anytime and you get good results. Gold may not be there thing but pleasing the fans is. NOT BITCHES

Keyshawn Jones - Aight man, you said after the monday after the Casualty Cell you'd be ready to rp again. next week I hope your not a... BITCH

Phil Malcuso - The Original Talk show host for XCW's ONLY talk show, A Side of sXe. The champion can do more than back his talk up, now taking tag gold. I believe that while Showtime is in office and Smitty rules the World Title world, Macaluso should push the team sXe as a whole.

BoneZ - I always get at least 1 rp up... I am gonna take my character in a different direction now. Going for the World Title is something I've done so long that I'm done with it, I've won it but my character has other things to go for, the vet helping shape the company. Like Undertaker used to, or HBK does now. I am working on changing the name from Bonez. I will call it using my real name now to Curtis "BoneZ" Schmitt. NOT A BITCH

Smitty - Arguably the best XCW World Champion ever and really the most entertaining man in all of XCW. Smitty is our leader and he has proved that with a killer rp earlier this week, his longest ever if I'm not mistaken. Well now hes proven hes the best.. what next? NOT A BITCH

Jeremy "RePenT" Clarkson - The beating of Shocker in Xtreme Hell In A Cell will shape Repent's character for how he will lead the company. that match ended the final connection to XCW's past naming JC as the leader of XCW old in XCW today. NOT A BITCH

Jesse THE KNIGHT Gunn - Tearing it up in the new XCW better than he did in the old XCW. I believe that his run here will involve showing the place that he grew up in the new tricks hes learned and show what made THE KNIGHT so big! NOT A BITCH

So Christmas Chaos kicked serious ass, huh? The Casualty Cell definately caused a lot of comotion, and with good reason. I personally think it has gotten good feedback. Why GOOD feedback? Because only now after the wrestlers have gone through it do they realize the danger in the Casualty Cell. Repent props on it's creation. The Casualty Cell is very controversial itself just in how many different ways it could have gone and how farely Repent made it when he COULD have changed his original luck of the draw to make it so you get knocked out in rping order but THAT isn't the case in the Casualty Cell. In this match you get picked for a spot randomly and depending on how well you rp you can last longer or shorter from your spot. GENIOUS! My vote for match of the year.

I believe that Titan stepped it up his best ever, G-Man posted his best rp ever, and Smitty posted his longest rp ever.. perhaps his best ever too. With so much best going into the match no wonder it was such a huge sucess. The match captured so much and it is really a prize in this game to be apart of. In my eyes it is one of the greatest creations in this game, congradulations Smitty, my vote for man of the year.

-Highlights Of The Week-

Titan stepped up like never before and he gets the Bonez-Bomb first ever roleplayer of the week because he showed everyone that he does have the ability to be tough as nails if he wants and he will be remembered by this match for a long time to come because you must know that he will pull out all the stops on you and while it wasn't enough at Christmas Chaos it very well may be the next time!

ROLEPLAY OF THE WEEK: -Are You Ready?- by Smitty
I think after you read this roleplay everyone said "Oh shit, he is going to win." This roleplay is written from the view of a man with the determination that he would still be champion after the show and he was right. Reading each of his roleplays you notice that what the champ says normally comes true. Maybe we should listen to him more.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: -XCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT MATCH: CHRISTMAS CHAOS CASUALTY CELL - Smitty(c) vs. Bonez vs. Titan vs. Jesse "The Knight" Gunn vs. G-Man vs. Keyshawn Jones vs. Darian X vs. Kiss Keibler vs. Jeff Jarrett-
Who wouldn't want the chance to say they were the best out of them, even more for the World Title, and in a complex structure everyone only could guess what the environment would be like. While the top three spots are debatebul, this matchs order from who got what spot goes in this order. 1. Smitty 2. Jesse THE KNIGHT Gunn 3. Titan 4.(Three way Tie) Jeff Jarrett, Curtis "BoneZ" Schmitt(hehe), G-Man 6.(Draw) Darian X, Keyshawn Jones, Kiss Keibler

HIT OF THE WEEK: -Xtreme Hell In A Cell - Shocker vs. RePenT
"Repent stands up, looks at the brief case, looks at Shocker moving a little and then at his burnt skin turned black. Repent picks Shocker up and walks over to the hole in the top(of the cell ceiling). Repent lifts Shocker up and has him like a hangmans DDT, REPENT GOES THROUGH THE HOLE AND HITS THE FINAL JUDGEMENT ON SHOCKER THROUGH THE TWO BURNING TABLES! THE TABLES PRACTICALLY EXPLODE FROM THE IMPACT! Smoke devours the scene as the crowd errupts into a huge pop.{XCW! XCW! XCW!}"

RIB OF THE WEEK: - LOSER LEAVES XCW MATCH - Alkatraz vs. Demolition vs. Virus-
The rib credit in this one goes to Mr. Showtime. Mr. Showtime took three guys under XCW contract and said "you do me no service". With creative control Showtime made the dress wearing Alkatraz throw rocks in a match, hilarious! Then for Alkatraz to win and finally not have to wear a dress in XCW any more Showtime got the ultimate rib in when Alkatraz was fired as well. HAHA!

This section of my column will be very controversial because the recipiant may not always feel that they are deserving of it but that is the fun of it for me. G-Man is this weeks bitch because in font of everyones eyes he had a fit of rage and quit XCW. I'm happy you are back but you get the bitch spot because the anger you felt truly made you the bitch. Why does your anger make you the bitch? THIS IS A FED WHERE YOUR SUPPOSED TO HAVE FUN, heh heh.

And now you have gone through only a second edition of the Bonez-Bomb and if there was any question about it before now you know why XCW is so killer. We have all this going on and my column doesn't capure all the dirt around here. But now you have something else to shoot for each week, will you be a BITCH in the Bonez-Bomb or NOT A BITCH!? Well this has been your Weekly Bonez-Bomb, YOU JUST GOT A TASTE OF PERFECTION!

Pictures by Jason Christy
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