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Weekly BoneZ-BomB

**PREFACE** When I first started writing this I hadn't intendid for it to be a column, just an OOC. So keep that in mind as you read, it was sorta a booster to what Showtime was saying. If my opinions are offensive to you, GOOD. Do something about it, BITCH!

Showtime's OOC basically was saying SHUT THE FUCK UP, bitches. lol, i called the Casualty Cell the Elimination Chamber in my last OOC.... haha.

Anyway... Mr. Showtime, myself, and Jesse Gunn are the only people to rp this week... for such a great talent pool were spending a lot of time on the OOC board this week and not on the rp board. A lesson some of us should take to heart is that if you can't rp up to your standard in a week you shouldn't try to because you'll end up with something you hate or more likely you just won't rp. Get something up that keeps your character progressing each week so that you get used in results. I myself am thinking of writing rps half the size of what I normally do. Quality wins matches, not quantity.

A Thought: usually you get put in results more if you give something to Showtime and Repent to work off of in your rps. They work hard on the shows so why should they do something for you if you don't do something for them. Just talk about what you wanna do and they build off it big time, thats where the fun of this game is- the heads taking your rps and turning them into action.

So listen mothafuckas. You aint shit in XCW unless you rp, OOC is supposed to be a place where we talk about angles and shit. Maybe it is time for the columns to be reintroduced and we can vote on rps of the week, quotes, wrestler of the week, match of the week, best fued, ALL THAT GOOD SHIT. So i wanna give you the truth so we can start working our way up.

You guys want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH

Alkatraz- Wears a dress, great idea by the heads making something out of nothing. BITCH

Big Tony G- Once a champ, bounced, came back and doesn't rp. BITCH

The Ikon- The only person in XCW actually climbing the ranks. He is the Industrial Champion now but I only see good things in your future. NOT A BITCH

Neal Terril - BITCH

Xodiak ---- Leave of Absence- You interfered in the Smitty/Bonez Hell In A Cell and now where are you? BITCH

Shocker- Has been TALKING about doing some damage since I took the belt from him but rarely/never rps. But he does have skill, your fued with Repent is historic and Xtreme Hell In A Cell will be the biggest match of your career. Don't be a BITCH

Titan- Tries his best to get something up, and a bad ass. I think its time that you did more than show up every week and whoop ass, time to go ahead and make a stand for something in XCW. NOT A BITCH

Smitty - The World Heavyweight Bitch, lol j/pin. Smitty you are definately XCW's leader. Every week you are on a new mission and a major factor in the Powers/sXe war. NOT A BITCH

Pace One- Hasn't had a match in two weeks, i dunno why. I do know that you try to get involved in the shows and the heel turn was smooth. NOT A BITCH

Kiss Keibler - A bitch, but only by gender. You have a great mind for XCW and just because you are our only female you COULD work yourself in every show to be a tough competitor. You make storylines better but you haven't backed em' up in recent weeks. Getting used as you do and not rping just wastes everyones time. BITCH

G-man - He put out more rps in the one week he had than some people do in a month. Great comeback/ heel turn. Affected the Power/sXe war in a MAJOR way and I wanna thank you for the effor. NOT A BITCH.

Carnage - BITCH

Kid Hardcore - XCW'S OFFICIAL BITCH. lol. Jokes aside, if you took some of the shit we say on the OOC board and twisted it around as "No respect from the lockerroom" in your rps then you'd have a lot of heat on you. An Xtreme Champion to mess with, now that the midnight extreme has formed your read to raise hell every Meltdown... stand up for something. I don't believe your fued with Titan should be over.

Double Lightning- Need more air time, they are the champions they should show their belts off. NOT BITCHES

Brian Raver- The best friend of XCW's Official bitch. lol... But WHERE do you stand in XCW? NOT A BITCH

Keyshawn Jones- Likes entrance angles but is lousy on the follow-up. You are a dominant force that enjoys whooping ass. NOT A BITCH

Phil Malcuso- Mania Supremacy Heavyweight Champion. One of the most interesting characters in XCW. Progressed from a Journalist into a wrestler and has shown that it is in your blood to compete. NOT A BITCH

Bonez - The Perfectionist of Perfection! I am trying to work the major heel role, if Smitty is XCW's leader then I am his nemisis. NOT A BITCH

Virus - BITCH

Demolition - BITCH

Mr. Showtime- Comes up with great storylines each week for us, Showtimes word is the law around here. He notices everything and he regulates it... in a good way. You want to be regulated by Showtime, lol. NOT A BITCH.

RePenT- XCW's #1 Heel, an evil bastard that put me down to the #2 spot. Repent flexes his muscle in XCW, if you piss him off than your gonna go through hell. The Shocker/Repent fued with 2 years in the making has been increddible. The #1 singles fued here in XCW so far. NOT A BITCH

**NOTE** This is intendid to let you all know where you stand in XCW by rping standards. If you don't like what I have to say it will do you no good to reply to me on the OOC, even if I am wrong for one reason or another about certain things, it is pointless to even talk about it. You can't correct me on the OOC board, only on the rp board. Get my drift? I think I will start doing a weekly column cuz look at all the dirt I got on here. This has been your first ever Weekly BoneZ-BomB, you've just got a taste of Perfection!

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