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First Chaos Theory, First Win... First Heavyweight Champion?

Week One: Couldn't Have Been More Perfect!

Week Two: Time to Turn Up the Heat!

To Road Ahead is Long and Winding...
Where Will It End?

Saturday October 28th, 2006 - Undisclosed Graveyard
Time - Midnight

**********[Fade in.]**********

Fifty to sixty mile an hour gusts of winds with sustained close to thirty entwined with heavy rainfall blows through the entire northeast with Boston and its surrounding areas getting hit particularly hard with the most brutal of the storm. In the thick of night the rain hammers down on an eerie graveyard as you ponder to yourself why the fuck would any man want to be at a place like this right now. Thatís when you see BONEZ walking through the burial ground on no path in particular almost blending in wearing a black hoodi and black sweat pants. Making his way all the way through the tombstones BONEZ abruptly stops and looks around at each gravestones name. In these grim elements he still manages a grin as he turns left and heads down that way. He walks slowly down the line until eventually BONEZ arrives at a hole which has just begun to be dug. Looks as though this person hasnít got too far with it as only the top layer is touched it could not be more than a foot deep. BONEZ turns to face us, takes his hood off, and starts blasting:

BONEZ: ďThe inaugural Chaos Theory happenings has breathed new life to the arena which has long lacked its heart, soul, and essence in which our gladiator ancestors made it famous forÖ and with one momentous Perfect-Plex to this federations supreme leader, his shoulders forced to the mat and legs cradled the referee made the count in the center of the ring, one, two, three! Just like that the birth of Chaos sets off my reign of Perfection!

Maddog you are one sick fuck. Iím got black eyes on both eyes and I feel like Iíve been in a fuckiní car wreckÖ oh wait thatís right I was. Might fucking well have been after going over the balcony with Titan and Maddog landing where else, [sarcastically] gently through some tables. I donít know if Maddog was trying to commit suicide when he brought Titan and me over the edge or Iíve actually struck a nerve with the fucker and he was straight up trying to end my life. Either way, Iím still standing and I won the match. It wasnít pretty but I will take the win. I mean itís not like Iím surprised I won the match, if anyone has a history of backing up what they say it is me. Maddog, that bad taste in your mouth right now is from me backing it up. Now get prepared for more bad taste in your mouth because I have even more bad news for ya brotha!

Maddog before our match you talked about how guys have received shortened careers trying to end yours. No one has been able to ďput the final nail in the coffinĒ as you put it. Guys like Chris Van X for instance, a very respected name. He promised to end your legacy forever. And why shouldnít he be able to. The man almost single handedly brought down the Apocalypse of Wrestling; his jerk off brother contributed a little bit to that because no matter how good a competitor Van X is or was no single man could have ever toppled the AoW. Chris Van X held a record number of championships. He most notably dethroned Jeremy Clarkson as the King of Hardcore in possibly the greatest battle between two warriors that these eyes have ever witnessed. I can definitely say one of the greatest matches of my career was High Hell Two in which Van X probably gave me one of the worst beatings Iíve ever received so yeah, to say the man was a bad motherfucker would be an understatement. He got it done in the ring, period. Only, where the fuck is Chris Van X now? He set out to put that final nail in the coffin except heís gone and your still here. Congratulations, your still living, breathing, and able to walk.. for now anyways. I am here tonight to show you that that even the great Maddog is afraid sometimes. You ask yourself how could that be? Well do not shrug it off as impossible because as I proved my superiority in the ring over you last week and I do not plan on stopping there. I see where others have failed Maddog. Ya see, they were going about it all wrong. The reason nobody could ever finish you is because you drove them crazy in their futile attempts to finish the job until they finally are left defeated and no more than a memory. Simply put, Maddog, nobody is sicker and fucking demented than you, no matter how dark a place a person digs down into to try and out do you. How do I defeat a man that is willing to sacrifice himself if only to exasperate his opponent? Well there is no standard thatís for damn sure. But nothing is impossible if you are PERFECT! My plan has already started, Maddog, it began with not a more better move than the Perfect-Plex to pin your shoulders in the center of the ring. After all the dirt Iíve been kicking up at you only to lose on the opening night of what is supposed to be your federation has to be eating you up inside. Like I said thatís only the beginning. Maddog how much worse would it be to see me wear the Global Chaos Heavyweight Championship?! This fed is supposed to be your pride and joy and that is exactly the tool that I am going to use for leverage to drive you over the edge Maddog. Your happiness depends Chaosís success and that is your weakness! Because how happy are you going to be face to face with the fact that you owe itís success to me. I shocked the world and sent the message that I am not fucking around anymore with my win at Theory.

ďI can already sense the fear building in you, Maddog. You pulled out your big guns for me this week because you think you can put an early stop to what will be my reign of terror. You went out and signed a match for me against only one of the toughest and baddest sonsofbitches ever to lace up a pair of wrestling boots. Shit, Chaos Theoryís main event this week could have been saved for a pay per view main event but your so scared at the thought of me going all the way in this tournament that you wasted it already. Not that I am complaining. Do not forget, Maddog, that I have an unsettled grudge with my opponent that quite possibly may never be settled. I mean the guy only turned his back on me when all I had ever done for him was guarantee success wherever he went. Under my watch he twice won World Championships. I was with him when he won the first Ultimate Hardcore Cup. Together we won multiple Tag Championships. I also saw to it that his precious XCW was always well tended to. I was always there for this man. And when I was at my lowest point and needed that same support in return you were right there Maddog to drive the wedge in between us. It is no secret I am talking about JEREMY CLARKSON, the biggest glory hogging scumbag currently polluting this planet. This is whom you have chosen to save your fed from the Perfect One? A great choice normally. Keyword: NORMALLY.Ē

BONEZ looks down at the hole that was started but given up on, then back at us. The hole has accumulated water with the rainfall. BONEZ walks over and stands directly in it losing his feet in the mud.

BONEZ: ďI started this hole. The reason I havenít finished yet is because I do not yet know who I am going to burry in it. The person whoís grave this will belong to is whoever makes as far as to be my opponent in the final round of this heavyweight championship tournament. So as you can see, Iíve got plenty of time because we havenít even had the first round yet. Every week I am going to come here and dig a little bit more, a little bit more, until finally the time comes for the final round. WHEN I make it to the final round whoever stands in between me and the championship will find their final resting place about six feet bellow where I stand right now. For all you haters that doubt my words just watch Chaos Theory this week and just try and doubt me after I give Jeremy Clarkson what has been coming to him for a long long timeÖĒ

His last words seem to trigger memories as BONEZ cuts himself off, pondering. To look at him standing there in the pouring rain, winds howling, in a graveyard two black eyes and one untidy beard is a polar opposite to the business suited clean shaven strict BONEZ once known. He snaps out of it and picks up right where he left off.

BONEZ: ďJeremy, listen up and listen up fucking good. I havenít forgotten what you did to me. Itís more like I remember it just like it was yesterday. You donít forgive what you did to me too easily and the last time I remember you were running around bragging like it was some great accomplishment turning my name into a laughing stock for a short time. When I was at my lowest you turned away from me, and now that I am at my strongest you are going to pay the immense consequences that come with my wrath. My history will show that when I am hot, I am unbeatable. In past instances I would get hot for a while racking up the wins, possibly win a few big matches, perhaps even a Heavyweight Championship, then I slow down for a bit until I get on a roll again. Usually something would set off this hot streak in me, not the case this time. I am coming into Chaos with that hot streak because sure as the sky is blue I am going to be Chaosís first Heavyweight Champion. And while winning the gold is partially to spite Maddog, that is not all the fun. Sure proving all the doubters wrong will feel really good too, but thatís not what this for either. No Jeremy winning this is all for me. Simply put, I am going to do it because I can. Just like I am going to Perfectly dismantle you in the center of the ring piece by piece by piece becauseÖ I can. Iím not out here half-assing this shit. I am here to fuck shit up like I did and regain my spot at the top of the mountain. I used to set the standard in this game and that is not something you forget how to do. Who I am telling? If you hope to stand a chance, Jeremy you already know this shit. I know you can back up what you bring to the table and thatís the reason this match is so big. Winning this match will be no easy task. It quite possibly could leave us permanently fucked up for life. As if Iím not already banged up enough from last weekís fun with Maddog and Titan, on top of you being extremely fresh after your walk in the park with Hopper Rose. Still, I look forward to the challenge! I am taking the bull by the horns! You donít get to where I am by luck, you have to pay your dues and earn your stripes. I have done all that bullshit and now itís time for me to show why men feared my name long ago. Jeremy you donít have much time before we face in the ring. And as that time draws closer you are going to see my face in front of you again talking just the way I am now. I want my voice stuck in your head telling messing up your thoughts. I want it to be a long week for you knowing that I am not the same man you stepped in the ring with a over a year ago. In your head you will be worrying Ďwhat if I lose to Bonezí. All week long your going to hear me until this Saturday you find out I am a freak fuckin' force of destruction and NOBODY BEATS MR. PERFECT, NOBODY!Ē

He flips his hood back up and takes off walking out of sight as we fade away looking around the graveyard.

**********[Fade out.]**********

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