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Just Remember You Can Never Get On My Level!

The Coming of C.H.A.O.S.....

The Return of Some Familiar Faces... Not So Familiar Territory

Are You Ready?

Sunday October 1st, 2006 - Undisclosed Location
Time - Unknown

**********[Fade in.]**********

An abused beaten ring clearly having seen better days finds its home in an old dilapidated gym deserving to be fucking bulldozed. Proof of the place not having been used in some time is a thick layer of dust across the entire room. There is only one dim light suspended from the ceiling over the ring occasionally blinking on and off. From around the corner walks out a large and rugged looking man wearing black sweat pants and a sweat towel around his shirtless neck. He is chewing gum. With blonde dreads that go down to his shoulders and a short unkempt beard the man is unrecognizable at first glance. Then we hear his voice, a familiar tone:

???????: "To be a champion, you have to be perfect. The reason I got into this business was to be number one out of a group of people on this walk of life that I consider to be elite. The passion and sheer desire that it takes to be on top doesnít appeal to the masses, and thatís exactly why I loved the nature of this game. Attitude. Respect. Determination. Ambition. Many lack what it takes to succeed in this world. Do you?"

The murky figure reaches into his pocket and retrieves a lighter flicking the spark cuing up the flame. He lights a candle just to his left his left, then his right, revealing his identity. You are looking at looking at wrestling legend CURITS BONEZ SCHMITT.

BONEZ: "You know, I thought I had said goodbye forever, again. Every wrestler goes through it, ya know, pondering retirement. You go out and try and continue on a normal life, finally settling down saying farewell to the madness the grind wears on you. Sometimes, as in my case, giving up semi-celebrity status. But thatís what happens. Itís how it goes down every time. You take a unending sabbatical from everything and forget it all loving every moment of it. You catch up on your health and become well rested and return to one hundred percent. But when enough time has passed, you realize, you are a healthy trained fighter, damn good too, with only one thing you know how to do and nowhere to go. You hear the call of the ring. You tell yourself this time its really all over, butÖ there is nothing else out there for you. The sad part of that is, itís the truth. For people like us, there is no normal life. Except this time, I really thought it was all overÖ

I am a six foot four inch two hundred and sixty pound freak fuckiní force of destruction. Father time has been kind to me over all these years for somebody whoís abused their body the way I have.. I havenít felt this good in years, I feel as good as I did when I was twenty. But it should be obvious that Iím not, I know that I am a shell of a shell of a shell of my former self. Why would I want to comeback? The answer: Iím intrigued. I thought this business would be dead already. I thought all of you were gone for good. But in that aspect your all just like me, you just cantí stop. But Iím not like all of you. In a business that is way too stale and recycled comes something new with some old faces that I had believed to be extinct. In one word, C.H.A.O.S. There is something about the coming of C.H.A.O.S. thatís different. I get the feeling that when it comes there will have been nothing like it before, and it when it dies it shall never be recreated again, and I for one am going to be apart of history one more time. Thatís perfect."

Collecting his thoughts Bonez pauses momentarily before continuing.

BONEZ: "I am hereby announcing myself into the Exhibition of Insanity Invitational Universal Hybrid Crown Championship Tournament. For the birth of C.H.A.O.S. at the opening card I am planning a demolition to take place. I issued an open challenge through the grapevine to anyone thatís waited for a free chance to step one on one into the ring with me and I was not please with the lack of reaction. That offer still stands, but now that Iím out here and I have you attention Iím going to take some time out right now to issue a challenge against a man with whom I have unfinished business. My vendetta with this man needs to be taken care of. I am talking about none other than MADDOG! I am sick of waiting for you scared bitches to answer my challenge so Iím going do it myself. Your all fuckiní pussies! As for you, Maddog, letís get it straight right now. Youíve never back down from a challenge before, no matter how stupid you were to accept it. Many times you paid the consequences, but you always left us with a memorable moment. I road beside you at one time so I know you could never back down from this challenge, it was a decision made by you and because of that we still have unfinished business backstabber. When I was king shit of the industry on top of the world a few years ago, you masterminded my fall from grace. You and the rest of the Apocolypse of Wrestling all turned your backs on me and I have done nothing after that ever againÖ until now. The coming of C.H.A.O.S means new beginnings. The slates clean, everyone goes back to zero, and I am taking no prisoners in my return from my longest break from the ring ever. And it starts with you Maddog, have you the balls to accept my challenge. I am sure you will, because if you donít think I wonít pull a Mr. Showtime on your ass, well, thatís definitely a mistake you do NOT want to make."

In one motion Bonez spits out his gum and swats it away. He grins.

BONEZ: "Used to tell people donít start trouble wonít be trouble, but fuck that shit I was troublesome. Itís time for me to just have fun with this again and that means fuckiní everybody up. At one time, I was all your daddyís. Well kiddes, daddies back! Maddog I really hope you donít duck me cuz I am looking forward to making a big impact the first show. I gave your group of pussies called a roster the opportunity to be apart of it and they are already ducking me. Shit, I figured a guy like Jeremy Clarkson or Titan would be at the front of the line to face me. I really would have liked to break either of those two chumps off a little something I call total annihilation. I donít know who Hopper Rose is but I will break him off a piece too! The open challenge still stands you pussies, but I understand if your scared. Thatís why I have issued the Maddog challenge, I figure thereís no way he will duck me. Thereís no way Iím not fucking some one up at this first show and thatís perfect.

The coming of C.H.A.O.S. canít come soon enough for me, lets get this bitch started up already. Iím on a mission; the perfect mission. It starts with Maddog and wonít be complete until the Chaos Heavyweight Championship is around my waste[motions towards midsection]. Iím as serious as cancer, the almighty warrior within is just itching to get out and Maddog you sonofabitch your just the fucker to help do it. Iím going to light you on fire with the inferno that burns deep down inside my belly. There will be nothing left of you but ashes! That is, if your man enough."

Bonez takes the sweat towel off from around his shoulders and holds it over the flame of the candle setting it ablaze. He holds it up starting straight at us.

BONEZ: "The blaze I am going to set on C.H.A.O.S. is going to spread like this gym would burn down if I were to throw this towel right now. This place is the first gym I ever came to when I first broke into this business. Iím surprised itís still here, it deserves to be fuckiní condemned. Clearly I am the only worthy product this place can take credit for, and how swollen with pride must I make it. Everybodyí knows that Iím perfect in every way, the perfect body, the perfect mind and the extremely soon the perfect record! Once the burning starts, it doesnít extinguish."

Very close to burning his hand, Bonez tosses the flaming towel on the ground a few feet before him. It doesnít take but a few moments before it starts to spread around the aged floor.

BONEZ: "You will see nobody beats Mr. Perfect, nobody!"

Bonez kicks the candle to his left over onto the ground to add to the spreading fire. He picks the one on his right up and turns around applying it to the ringís apron, which becomes engulfed speedily. The dust in the place acts as fuel to the fire that quickly taking over. Bonez turns and calmly walks for the exit as we watch the burnin ring and then slowly the entire place go up in flames.

**********[Fade out.]**********

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