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Get Ready For What I'm Going To Do To You At Chaos Theory!

Titan Accepts The Open Challeng! Maddog Accepts His Challenge!

Falls Count Anywhere? Can It Get Any Better!

The Date Remains Uncertain as Tension Mounts....

Wednesday October 4th, 2006 - Boston, MA
Time - Aprox. 5 P.M.

**********[Fade in.]**********

It is a beautifully warm and sunny day a bit warmer than usual for it to be October in the city of Boston. Such a nice day, most take advantage of and those who donít are foolish because this is the last time for them that they will see such nice weather until next spring. Lost in the beastlinessí of the daytime activities of Boston one man becomes our center of attention: BONEZ. Blending in to the densely populated metropolis he jogs unrecognized by everyone around him, to them he is just another guy jogging. They are oblivious to the gauntlet awaiting this warrior. He ends up jogging down a less occupied pier overlooking Boston Harbor. As he reaches the end of the wharf he begins to slow down catching his breathe. To look at the scruffy bearded long dreaded Bonez right now is a very different sight than the clean-shaven we are used to seeing in the past. Right there at the end of the peer Bonez starts to shoot about whats on his mind. The people in the background donít even notice.

BONEZ ĒIt is anything besides business as usual for me right now. I know the challenge that I have to face up to if I am to be number one again. The haters are already doubting the old man. I say let them hate because they all donít mean shit. You fuckiní cowards did not have the balls to face me in the ring when I issued the one time deal open challenge. But finally, somebody has answered Perfect Oneís offer. Titan, I could tell you how even though you accepted my challenge does not mean you have a shot at winning this match, but heh, Iím not going to do that. Instead, I commend you for showing some backbone. Youíve proven time and time again that you are a soldier, but Chaos Theory does not belong to you. It is my time to reign again, you comprehend Titan? You think you can step up to the plate but Iím not fucking playing around anymore, so know what your getting yourself into. Titan you have to understand that I am not losing. I am rolling up into Chaos Theory and I am going to leave behind a path of destruction with you left in the dust! You along with the other component to this extremely explosive matchÖ It didnít take long for you to accept my challenge Maddog. I respect that about you. Rumor had it didnít take long for you to announce it, and then I see it as the tentative main event for the first Chaos Theory. Falls Count Anywhere stipulation assures we wonít disappoint to set the standard of what is coming in Chaos, at least I know I wonít disappoint. All I need now is a date to look forward mutherífucker. Until then I stick to an extremely strict regiment because come Chaos Theory I am bringing the fuckiní devastation!Ē

Bonez pauses a moment.

BONEZ:Ē I donít know what kind of shape Maddogs pothead ass is in, ditto with what Titans up to these day, but I know I am getting my endurance up. If you and Titan somehow withstand your beatings I give you at Chaos Theory then I plan on being the freshest guy. It is a fact ring rust will affect both of you and that is NOT going to be a problem for me. It is time for perfection to fuck both of you up! I am promising right now there is not a man alive that can walk into Chaos Theory and have a chance in the ring with me. It is a dream match for me Maddog and Titan being the special element that because I hate them both. Itís been a while since Iíve put Titan in his place and reminded him whoís his fuckiní master. And Maddog is the dirtiest backstabber Iíve ever known! Both of you donít stand no chance!

Maddog I am holding you responsible for breaking up the Apocolypse of Wrestling and more importantly the Purveyors of Perfection. In our peak the most powerful faction and tag team of all time, arguably. But there were too many egoís that lead to the eventual break up, and it all started when yours got to be too big. I mean donít get me wrong, I am happy I separated from that gloryhog Jeremy Clarkson. He took all the credit when it was ME that put the PERFECTION in the PURVEYORS! But Maddog, at the time, I couldnít retaliate. I will admit, I was at my weakest and at the time you were too powerful. But times change, and I havenít forgotten. You are no where near ready for the pain your going to experience. It is time for the return of the reign of Perfection, bitch. How long are you gonna keep me waiting before this match actually take place Maddog? You accepted the challenge, so letís fucking do this! Make it happen Maddog, time to get it going.Ē

Bonez changes modes as he takes a seat on a bench at the end of the wharf Boston Harbor as the background.

BONEZ: ĒAnd Titan, you got balls accepting this challenge. Youíve proven you can do some damage, but how longs it been since you stepped in the ring? Probably not as long as its been for me, but I promise you rust will not be a factor with me. My regiment is preparing me to be a machine in the ring! I am man on a mission and you are the poor sucka that is my target. Titan we have long history so donít think I am not surprised you would be waiting to get in the ring with me. Iíve fucked you up on more than one occasion and how sweet revenge would be. But you donít have a fuckiní chance brotha!

Titan, nobody will ever remember your name. It hurts to hear it, but your just another nobody. A former World Heavyweight Champion nobody! How can it be so? You have no longevity. Iíve said it everytime we have faced, the bigger they are the harder they fall! That goes for your fat ass too fuckiní ďbig slowĒ Titan! Eventually the abuse I bring wears on the big man. Not me though, FUCK NO I wonít wear out! I am going to leave you both laying in heaps with these two hands.

Titan, Titan, Titan, you giant moron who told you that you could get away with promo where all you can see is your shadow. You idiot! Your fucking seven feet tall mammoth how in the hell do you expect anyone not to immediately know who you are!? Nobody for a second didnít know who you are, you are indistinguishable! Fucking dumbass, your too busy bullshitting around trying to be creative while Iím telling you that I am going to be burying you in the ring. Get your head straight you better believing Iím bringing my worst for ya bitch.Ē

Bonez stands up and looks out across the harbor.

BONEZ: ĒAt Chaos Theory Titan and Maddog will both witness the Perception of Perfection! This is falls counts anywhere and it is going to be a war. I am not going to discriminate between either of you, I will pin either Maddog or Titan. It doesnít matter who it is, I plan to thrash you equally! Clearly Iím older and you better damn sure believe wiser I am going to move elusively because quite most likely possibly both of you are going to get seriously hurt by me. It could go ANYWHERE and that seals both your grim fates the consequences of which will leave you poor souls remembering that NOBODY BEATS MR. PERFECT, NOBODY!!!Ē

Bonez takes off jogging down the pier.

**********[Fade out.]**********

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