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    Wht up? Welcome to meh page. Hope u enjoy ure stay hea and also, if u see any broken links either press refresh or msg me! i hate that lil x in the box! well, anyways, u got time tag the bookie and ill return the favor, same goes with saving me as a friend. Hope u enjoy ure stay Peace

  • Thought
    02/15/02: I feel as if I`m hiding, like always. Watching everything else fall apart around me. Doesn`t feel good, doesn`t feel like anything
  • This is ME

  • My 411
    - Name: Arnel or jr
    - AGE: 15 soon to be 16 yahooo
    - SEX: okay j/p male
    - LOCATION: 204 "wpg"
    - Appreance: flip all the way
    - Stats: single fo now
    - Likes: alot of sports and food
    - Dislikes: *bleep*s, hoes,
    - EMAIL:

  • Quotes
    -The most painful thing that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.
    Whats better? a lie that draws a smile or the truth that draws a tear?
    -When you finally find the perfect girl you think to yourself, why isn`t she taken?
    -Everyone gets a chance in the spotlight, you can have it when I`m done!
    -It`s true you dont know what you`ve got until its gone, but its also true you don`t know what you`ve been missing until it arrives!

  • Im out Hope you enjoyda page and be sure to check me out on hotmail, aite. And remember on your way out don`t forget to sign my G-book and i`ll be sure toreturn the favor ok.................
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