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~Angela Perez Baraquio~

Birth Date: June 1, 1976 Honolulu, Hawaii

Parents: Claudio F. Baraquio and Rigolette P. Baraquio

Education: University of Hawaii-Manoa Graduate Moanalua High School

Platform Issue: Character Education

Scholastic Ambition: Masterís Degree in Educational Foundations

Talent: Hula (Native Hawaiian Dance)

Scholastic Honors: University Deanís List; Golden Key National Honor Society Member;

Donna Mercado Kim Academic Scholarship and Evelyn Siu Foo Scholarship in Elementary Education

Other Accomplishments: Sibyl Nyborg Heide Student Teaching Grant Recipient;

Host/Interviewer for HIT-TV; Plays Keyboards for All-Girl Rock Group High Tide

Employment: K-3 Physical Education Teacher/K-8 Athletic Director

Family: Father is a Pest Control Operator/Founder of a Pest Control Company.

Mother is President of the Pest Control Company. She has nine brothers, and sisters,

Gloria, 20, Albert, 21, Rose, 26, Bernadette, 27,

Therese, 27, John, 30, Lucy, 32, Jerome, 33, and Cecilia, 34.

Career Ambition: Elementary Classroom Teacher; Motivational Speaker

State Pageant Sponsor: Sholarship Program, Honolulu

Info: Why is miss Angela Perez Baraquio a insperation...

Well on September of 2000... She became the first Asian American to be crowned Miss America...

All this after her 3rd try at being Miss Hawaii... Wich shows never to give up...

More so Miss Baraquio is a Physical Ed Teacher... Now what is more insperational

then being a teacher... For that Miss Baraquio, we recognize you

as an insperation...