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remember based on their answer who do you think should be's

...king of the month...

CoNtEsTeNt #1

Name: Sambo....aka Simba

Location: Calif. near pomona

Race: Chinese / Thai

Proud to be asian because?: "I'm proud to be an azn cuz love eating rice...Got rice?"


CoNtEsTeNt #2

Name: Chris B. BKA: Bay

Location: "8o8 baby...Hawaii...y-PaHu"

Race: "PinOy 2 dA x-tReam fUllEsT"

Proud to be asian because?:

"I like talking on the phone... long walks in the park

picnics at the beach... um what was the question



CoNtEsTeNt #3

Name: eRiC aka Serenade

Location: "Sucka Free Cali"

Race: "fLiP fLoP and it dont sToP!"

Proud to be asian because?:

"My girl only only likes asian guys and I know how every other color wants an asian girl."


CoNtEsTeNt #4

Name: "Richard AKA:Georgia's finest"

Location: "The dirty dirty south"

Race: pinoy/white

Proud to be asian because?:

"we gotz the finest females ever... need i say more?"


CoNtEsTeNt #5

Name: Geber aKa gerber graduates

Location: "Americas finest city... San Diego, CA"

Race: "cheap but thoughtful pinOy"

Proud to be asian because?: "proud to be asian cuz its the race to be..

..we got brains looks and the food"