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Members: (left to right)Marie, Melissa, Monica, Mae

Hometown: Vallejo, California

Record Label: Kamikaze Records

Music: R&B, Hiphop

Songs to Look for: "When You Think About Me", "Swing Your Love To Me", "Thru It All"

Home Page: The Harmony of One Voice <~~this is a must visit sight

These 4 llovely women were raised in Northern California. These pinay all grew up together in the Northern California town of Vallejo and got there start singing in there church choir. Naturla is the word best used to discribe this group. They just clicked. There style and voices finnaly recognized by Kurtis Kato, president and founder of indie label Kamikaze Records.

Just one listen to any of the songs on their debut album, Just The Beginning, and you'll understand why this group is called One Vo1ce. These are voices that were meant to be together, four distinct, and equally-strong, vocal talents that merge to create a sweet, soulful, and ultimately, irresistible sound. Although influenced by vocal groups such as Destiny's Child and Boyz II Men, make no mistake: One Vo1ce brings their very own style of pop and R&B to the table, a sound that's already earned them a Top 100 hit on the Billboard charts with their first single, "When You Think About Me." An R&B driven track that speaks to the perils of young love with spirit and sass, the song first received airplay on Bay Area stations Wild 94.9 and KZQZ, where the listener response was so overwhelmingly positive that it soon went into heavy rotation.

This eventually led to a single's deal with major label powerhouse MCA Records. They brought the girls to the eyes and ears of mainstream America by getting their records played across the nation through radio and featuring them on several MTV Specials including the soundtrack to the movie Jailbait, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special, and Cribs.

On June 26, 2001; One Voice will be releasing there sophmore album titled "Sincerly Yours". This is already a high prized record among the Asian Community. Long before its relese. The album was recorded with hit producer James (Jae-e) Earley who was not only the producer for the first album but has also done work for groups such as MC Hammer, Marky Mark and En Vogue. The group also collaborated with upcoming NY based producers Funky Little Island People, who have worked with Major Record Labels nationally as well as worldwide.

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