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MeMbErS : (clockwise from top) Joanne, Kristina, Marlene, and Gissele...

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Record Label: Afterthought Entertainment

Music: R&B, Hiphop

Songs to Look for: "Come Back", "Somehow Someway", "Loving You"

Home Page: Forte'Hawaii <~~this is a must visit sight

Kristina Babaran (Kay: age - 19), Marlene Baldueza (age - 25), Joanne Banda (Jo: age - 20) and Gissele Tejada (Gee: age - 21) make up the group Forte'... This hot up and comeing goup has its roots based in hawaii... Forte'has appeared in concert with Mariah Carey, "N Sync'", "98 Degrees", "Joose", "Kai", Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez, Tito Puente Jr, "America", just to name a few... They have performed all around the pacific rim includeing California... These lovely young females have been featured in lots of programs and adds in the local hawaiian community, truly an insperation... At their sight you will get a chance to sample their vocals... One of the few asian bands you should know about...

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