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Angie Ng Asian Chinese crossdress,crossdresser and transgender

Angie Ng, Asian Chinese Crossdress,crossdresser,crossdressing and Transgender yes, angie here,

an asian chinese crossdressing & transgender girl friendly personal web page

angie is born in malaysia, chinese,

consider heself as transgender girl, crossdressing girl or crossdresser,cd, tg, tgal...

love to crossdress in pretty and sexy pantyhose,nylon,stckings..

love to discuss issues related to crossdress...

angie is not china born but malaysia born chinese..

do i mentioned china crossdress? No, but chinese cross dress...(lol)

asian society do not accept transgender, crossdresseing group or personal,

and so chinese society in malaysia...

so, basicaly, chinese,malaysia,asian is equal to

trasgender cross dresser non friendly

it is hard to find freinds who is crossdresser in malaysia

i wish to get to know more malaysia pretty and sexy crossdresser,does not matter chinese,malay,indian,iban,khadazan,...

wish i know more sexy and pretty transgender or crossdresser in asian country: china,singapore,india,

indonesia,indonasia,thailand,Philippines,brunei,vietnam,burma,Myanmar,korea,japan,south korea,north kore,taiwan,canada,United states,USA,UK,United Kingdom,Russia,Europe,German,Germany,Laos,Bhutan,Nepal,Bangladesh,Mongolia,Australia,Papua New Guinea,sabah,sarawak,broneo,...


welcome to my web :

Angie Ng,Chinese Transgender and crossdressing

Crossdresser Makeover & Transformation Studio by Angie Ng

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