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Mindless Invalid
I Need Help!

Yes, ok.. i finally admit that i need help. Not psychiatric help (although that's debatable) but this site is beginning to overwhelm me. So, i'll explain what i need.

First and foremost i need someone trustworthy & reliant. I'd prefer a neofriend or someone in my guild, but am willing to accept "applications" from people i don't know.

I need someone who is familiar with HTML, neoHTML, and CSS. If you can look through my source code & understand what's going on, then you should have no problem.

What i need is this:
- frequent updates when a new avatar is released (and a font to match it)
- someone to help with additions to the site (check out my to-do list)
- someone to answer some neomails
.. i'm sure there's more, but i can't think of it. Having someone else to help would be such a relief, i wouldn't feel so overwhelmed & i could get so much more done.

So, if you are interested, or if you know someone who is interested send me an email or neomail so we can talk. Please don't ask to help if you are unable to :) (i guess that's a nice way of saying no-n00bs-allowed)

neomail: superwoman_12517

this link/page isn't known to the general public, so if you're here it's because i gave you the link or someone i know gave it to you. please no spamming my email, or i'll cry like a little girl.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention. What's in it for you, you ask? well aside from having me bug you all the time ;) i'll give you a forwarding email address (like and a little sub-domain if you'd like (as in - although there will be some rules as to what you can put there :P)
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