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Mindless Invalid
My To-Do List

This list is mostly for myself, so i can remember what it is i'm supposed to do. i've put it online incase anyone was interested in seeing what needs to be done, and what may come.

- Change Copyright notice at bottom of page
- Recode webdings & wingdings charts (they are currently encoded in Unicode instead of ANSI, seems a lot of browsers are having trouble displaying this)
- change the code for the navigation (and add the symbol chart as a link)
- Add more font borders (webdings & wingdings) and put the Alt borders in their own section (urgh)
- Add more signatures (not pets, quotes & stuff)
- Make a section for inverted fonts
- Add the code to move the search bar/clock around
- far future: possibly make premade pet-lookups & such

3/21/05 - Add inverted font to neoboard tricks section **need to spiffify eventually**
3/22/05 - Started working on the font borders, maybe upload them sometime this week.
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