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Mindless Invalid


First off, i want to say i realize you guys are trying to be helpful and i really appriciate the thought; however, i am seriously considering blocking neomails anytime I'm not online. My inbox is consistantly flooded anytime a new avatar is released, regardless of how often i post "please do not neomail me about this"

-->have a look -- 1 or 2 of those neomails were geniune questions, the rest were all about the new avatar. Check the times on those. That's roughly 1 neomail every 3 - 6 minutes. Any guesses as to why there are no neomails after 4:11PM? :P because my inbox was completely full!

I really don't want to block my neomails when i'm not online, but i don't have very many options. So i'm asking everyone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not neomail me about new avatars, and if you have a question check out the FAQs page first (and maybe try the read me page too) and if not answered there feel free to ask :D
December 22 @ 6:37M NST
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