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March 26, 2004 @ 3:40PM

  My belief is founded on the idea that the in the early stages of pregnancy, a fetus is just a mass of cells and has yet to form into a viable life form. I believe once the fetus developes and is able to live on it's own (not being a paracitic relationship with it's host [mother]) then abortion should NOT be an option, but before that stage it is the woman's choice. I do believe that the fact a fetus has potential for life is very valuable and therefore my views are two folds (while seemingly slightly-contradicting, they aren't)
  What irks me the most about the abortion issue is to hear men (i am not a feminist, don't get me wrong) arguing that abortion should be illegal. It is perfectly acceptable for men to have opinions one what women should do with their bodies but they should not do anything to prevent free will.
  A woman (or girl) who is raped or a victim of incest SHOULD NOT have to carry the child (unless she so chooses). These men know can never know what it's like to be a rape/incest victim carrying the reminder of this horrific event. Everytime you look at yourself you do not think "i am going to be a mother", your thoughts are back to the incident. You become a victim and can not avoid the reminder. I can confidently say that if i were pregnant under these circumstances and forbidden to get an abortion i would simple kill myself. I would not be able to survive mentally with this burden.
  However, i do believe abortion should be discouraged. If you were pregnant by mistake, then you need to be accountable for your actions. Abortion should not be frivolous, if a woman can (mentally, physically etc) handle a pregnancy she should do so and give the child up for adoption. There are couples who'll adopt your child in a heart-beat. It sickens me to see girls get pregnant repeatedly and get abortions. They got pregnant via their own stupidity and should not just go down and get an abortion as easily (in mind and action) as brushing their teeth.