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Ancient Oak Farm - Beautiful, Quality Horses

Welcome To Ancient Oak Farm

Located 4 miles South of the Audobon Parkway between Henderson and Owensboro in Kentucky, Ancient Oak Farm is on a hilly section of ground not far from the Ohio River. The farm is owned by David Gehlhausen, pilot, and Elizabeth Davis, artist. We are grandparents having raised 3 children and are now reaping the benefits by enjoying our grandchildren to the fullest!

This farm has been dubbed "Paradise" by many of our friends because of the beauty of the alternating fields and woods and lakes, artfully left to themselves to flourish and house a wide variety of wildlife by our predecessors. Of course, the addition of the horses has contributed to this wildness and our job is to blend the domestic and wild and save the beauty while still using the land.

   Intaglio Rainman is sold!   

   02/27/03 Intaglio Saffire is born!   
   06/28/02 Intaglio Zeon Amore is born!   
   05/19/02 - High Style and Intaglio Liberty Windrunner are born!!   
   04/19/02 - Intaglio Alia Storm is born!   

Elizabeth Davis
15965 Middle Delaware Road
Henderson, KY 42420