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HIGHLANDER COMING SOON...Listen to a few of the tracks from it...Just follow the link and look for the link on the left side of (EMAIL FRIENDS) that says DOWNLOAD...Sign the GUESTBOOK too..Watch the new video for || 4 Dat W.B.E || on the page and let me know what you think about everything.. ...||This is the first single from Highlander || Mixtape.I made this the first single off my mixtape because i want to show the work and the grind i put into my music.I want people to understand this isn't a game for me,this is real and all i want is my respect,plays,listens,and props.This is my life and i love what i do.I'm taking steps to go beyond the average rapper and one day the best.Show love by supporting the music and video.You can also checkout previews and download the sample tracks from the new mixtape at