Video scripting, shooting and editing and aerial video and photography

Danger Zone 4 camera switched fights
Video clips from plays
Scripts by Jeannette Jaquish

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Videographer & Playwright, Jeannette Jaquish
260 484-5946
260 750-9013 cell phone
1423 Louisedale Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Jeannette Jaquish has thousands of hours editing experience, on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere digital editing systems, and earlier analog tape to tape editors. Jeannette can analyze your event to find the best way to use VideoActive's four cameras to cover it -- to get the big picture and the details, the story, the behind the scenes, and the conversations.
With multi-cameras, we shoot your event from various angles, wide and close up shots.
For a commercial we get your information, find locations and talent and props and costumes, script it out, get your OK, and make sure each scene is as good as it could be.

Our shots are good, in focus and well lit, and because I have a good eye, well composed. Because I am conscientious and skilled at scripting and condensing, the production will be charming and effective. -- Jeannette Jaquish