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Title and Rank
Knight of the realm / Duke of Jeel

Service Record
08/23/01 - Joined the guard
08/24/01 - Promoted to Sergeant
09/24/01 - Became Knight Errant
11/11/01 - Knighted
01/01/03 - Became Duke of Jeel

confirmed Kills : 2

Reclaimed Items : 200,000 gp

Medals & Accomadations: 3


Background :

As oldest son of a minor lord, it was expected that Valahn would go on to inherit his fathers estate but Valahn had a different future in mind. At the age of 16 he became squire to Sir Bolarad, a veteran of the rune war who had been given his title as acknoledgement for his ability as a battle field commander. It was from this capable man that Valahn learnt the art of war and the harsh reality of battle.

For two years the Knight and his young squire fought the orcs and kobolds in the forests near Korelth and Vrethpool side by side until the day Sir Bolarad died in combat. His was not a brave death or a particularly heroic one, rather he fell to a kobold mage whose magic had proved too powerful.

Valahn returned to his fathers estate after the state funeral where he brooded upon the loss of his master for several months until word arrived that the Lotorian Gaurd was being reformed. Rising civil unrest had led to the need for law enforcement in the kingdom and Valahn was quick to enlist.

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