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Goverenment Offices


This is a listing of all government offices used by both the King and his nobles.


Ambassador – Normally the king will have ambassadors.  Though it may become necessary for local nobles to appoint an ambassador at times.  The Ambassador’s job is to take care of relations with foreign nations.  When employed by a noble they may be sent to work out relations with other nobles within the kingdom.  Or possibly to arrange a trade agreement with that noble and a friendly nation.


Chancellor – This is the 2nd in command of goverening the lands.  They are in charage when the noble is not around.


Magestriate – They take care of law enforcement.  This includes holding trials, posting bounties & paying for and maintaing the guard.  All out post will have a magistrate running them instead of a noble.  Since outpost are not officially part of the kingdom.


Captain of the Guard – The main duty of this person is making sure the guardmen do their jobs.  They set the patrols and th route they take within their lands. They make sure each guard is reporting for duty.   That they are instructed in the proper ways of arresting criminals and that the guard does its job the way its suppose to.  They are also in charge of promotions and hiring of all new guardsmen. They will file weekly reports (post on the MSN Comunity) to detail the activities of the guad for that week.


Tax Collector – Collects the taxes for the noble