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The titles of the Nobility and the type of lands they control are as follows, in order of rank:


Duchy - Duke/Duchess

Earldom - Earl/Countess

Barony - Baron/Baroness


Each land in Dransik will have a noble to run it.  The nobles will have complete control over how they run their lands, provided they stay within the laws of the kingdom.  The following is a list of some of the things they will be able to do:


1)      Collect Taxes the king will taxes the nobles and in turn the nobles will be able to collect taxes from the people living in their lands to pay the king.  The nobles may choose to charge more or less for taxes than is needed to pay the king.  How much they tax their people is up to them.  However high taxes could result in people leaving their lands and going to another

2)      Make Laws The nobles are free to make any laws for their lands.  Provided they do not go against any kingdom law

3)      Hire Guards The nobles are free to hire and maintain a local guard.  These guardsman are to be recruited from the citizens of the kingdom.

4)      Recruit Citizens Once we are able to have more than one person tag people, the nobles will be able to recruite new people into their lands themselves.

5)      File a weekly Report Once a week they must post on the MSN Community a summery of what is going on in their lands.


The nobles may appoint people to various governement positions to aid them in running the kingdom (see government posisitons).  Any governement job not assigned to someone else will become the responsibility of the noble to fulfill.  It is completely up to the noble as to whether they wish to do the job them selves or appoint someone else to do it.