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The Law of King Lotor

**Until a player government system is in place and there is a way to arrest someone without having to kill them, enforcement of all laws will be strictly RP.  Anyone not going along with the RP will simply be ignored.  We do not wish to participate in the pointless pk/loot wars common among the power gamers**

It has herby been ordained by our King, Lotor, that the following acts are to be deemed unlawful in his realm.  Anyone found guilty of committing any of the below listed acts shall be punished in accordance with the guidelines set forth herein. 



1.00 Assault                                                                                                       

2.00 Murder                                                                                                    

3.00 Thievery                                                                                                              

4.00 Contraband Items

5.00 Practicing Evil

6.00 Treason

7.00 Slander

8.00 Extortion

9.00 Taxing




1.00 Assault – The act of committing any physical attack upon another person is considered unlawful except in the following cases:

Attacking someone out of self-defense. 

Attacking wanted criminals.


There are varying degrees of assault depending on who is attacked.


1.01    1st Degree Assault – Attacking the King

1.02    2nd Degree Assault – Attacking a King’s Knight

1.03    3rd Degree Assault – Attacking a King’s Guard

1.04    4th Degree Assault – Attacking a Citizen or visitor to the kingdom


2.00 Murder – Anything that directly results in the death of another person is unlawful except in the following cases:

        Killing someone in self-defense.

        Killing wanted criminals.


        There are varying degrees of Murder depending on who was killed.


2.011st Degree Murder – Killing the King

2.022nd Degree Murder – Killing a King’s Knight

2.033rd Degree Murder – Killing a King’s Guard

2.044th Degree Murder – Killing a citizen or visitor to the kingdom


3.00 Thievery – Thievery covers a wide range of things.  It not only includes the act of stealing another’s processions but the selling of stolen goods as well.


            3.01 Looting – Taking any item from the body that does not belong to you. 

a) Taking items from the bodies wanted criminals is not un-lawful. 

b) Taking items that are already marked as looted is not unlawful, provided you do so with intent to return them to the owner.


3.02    Selling Stolen Items – It is unlawful to sell or give away stolen items to anyone except the owner of the item.


4.00 Contraband Items – The Possession or sale of any item listed below is unlawful within  the boundries of the Kingdom.  The owner is to cease selling such items or imeadately unequip and store the item in their bank.  Failure to do so will result in the arresting of the person and impound ment of the item or items.  The following is a list of all items not allowed within the kingdom boundries:


            4.01 – Lich Staff

            4.02 – Poison Sword

            4.03 – Poison (either in a bottle or on items)

            4.04 – Rune Items

            4.05 – Disease Spear

            4.06 – Poison Trident


5.00 Practicing Evil – This includes any worship, promotion, recruiting or encouraging of others to partake in or practice the evil rituals of outlawed deities, gods, guilds, kingdoms or other beings.  It is unlawful to be a part of any guild, organization, nation or kingdom with whom we are at war with.  Anyone who is a member is to be treated as a wanted criminal.



6.00 Treason – Any act by a citizen of the kingdom that conspires against the King to do him or the kingdom harm.


7.00 Slander – Spreading of lies or making false acqusations about any member of the kingdom.


8.00 Extortion/Taxing


            8.01 – It is unlawful to hold items for ransom.

            8.02 – It is unlawful to threaten harm to another person unless they pay you a fee.


9.00 Taxes


            9.01 – The king and only the king may levy a tax upon the land holders (Nobles) of his kingdom.

            9.02 – The Nobles and only the Nobles may tax the citizens of their lands.

            9.03 – Those who have been Knighted by the King are exempt from taxation by the Nobles.