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Joining the Kingdom
Anyone wishing to do anything in the Lotorian Kingdom must first become a citizen of the kingdom. To become a citizen of the Lotorian Kingdom, you need only do the following:

1) Find someone who is already a part of the kingdom to sponsor you. It is not recommended that you harass members about sponsoring you as that will likely result in you never finding a sponsor. Your sponsor is in charge of introducing you to other members of the kingdom and informing you of everything you need to know in order to become a citizen.

2) Know the Laws of Lotor. These laws are posted on our website. As a citizen you must obey and follow all the laws. Failure to do so could result in your citizenship being revoked.

3) Swear Loyalty to Lotor. After you have proven you know the laws and are willing to abide by and uphold them, you must then formally swear your loyalty to King Lotor. On the first Sunday of every month at Lotorís castle we will have our official Swearing in ceremony. (Afterwards there is usually a tournament and games).

4) Maintain a good reputation. You must maintain a good reputation (green color) or you could face being expelled from the kingdom.

5) Decide your Home Land. The kingdom is broken up into different Lands, Each ruled by a Noble. When you join you will join as part of one of these lands. While the king rules over all of the kingdom each local noble rules the lands charged to them for the king. Each land may have laws that differ from others but each must obey those laws set down by the king. Some may be better suited for farmers or minners etc. See the Lands & Cities section for more information on each.

Once you find a sponsor you will be notifed of when your swearing in ceremony will be.

Duties of a Citizen

Aside from obeying the Law of Lotor, and those of your local noble, citizens have other responsibilities. These are listed below:

1) Be Courteous. While you are not expected to befriend everyone and be all smiles all the time, you are expected to be courteous. This means no flaming of people, no excessive cursing, and no grief playing. If you are found doing any of these things or anything that is against YCG game rules, then you will lose your citizenship. There is some leeway given to people who are Role-playing a character but do not abuse the freedom given for RP. We are all here to have fun, and if you are acting in a way that is making the game un-enjoyable for others, you will likely lose your citizenship.

2) Taxes. Each citizen is expected to pay monthly taxes. The tax rate is posted under in Lands & Cities section and are set by the local Noble. Each noble must pay taxes to the king based on the number of people within his lands. Thus they are given the right to levy taxes upon those who live within his lands. How much citizens pay may vary from one noble to the next. Only citizens must pay this tax, Knights or lower ranking nobles pay taxes directly to the king.

3) Other duties as assigned. Each noble may require various things from the citizens of his/her lands. This could be in the form of food, items or later on labor for construction. Nobles may not request such things for personal gain but for the betterment of the lands they control or for the kingdom.

Benefits of being a Citizen

Listed below are the benefits you will receive for being a citizen:

1) Tournaments. As a citizen you are able to participate in all Kingdom tournaments. They are usually held the first Sunday of every month right after the swearing in ceremony. The details of each tournament will be posted beforehand.

2) Protection. Once tagged, you will have access to guild chat and may use it to call for aid from local guards or the Royal Guard and Knights. They are there to protect citizens; itís their job. If anyone is threatening you in-game, feel free to call on them for help.

3) Loans. Citizens will be able to make loans from the Kingdom Treasury. All loans should be submitted on the MSN community message board. You will be notified via e-mail as to how much you were granted and a payment plan. Note: citizens do not have access to the armory.

4) Buildings & Shops. Once construction & player government is in, citizens will be able to build homes and shops within lands controlled by the kingdom. They will also be able to use the shops to sell their goods. These will be regulated by the local lords or may be granted by the king.

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