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Maps By Fans Like YouAll the maps below were made by other people.

This is the page where you can download maps made by other Battle Realms fans.

Two Player|Three Player|Four Player|Five Player|Six Player|Seven Player|Eight Player

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If you would like to submit a map send me an E-Mail,
include the map, picture in jpeg format, and a quick description of the map.

Two Player

Creator: [LoN]Kamikaze
Name: High Tide(2)
Description: It is a flooded coast region. All horses are in the north east and in the center is a forest with a small hill. There are some wolves. The map is sourrounded by the sea in the west and in the south and by mountains in the north and in the east. There is more than enough building space, but you can only build at your start position and in the north east. Because there is no natural shelter turtling is barely possible and the battle is decided by unit managing and good timed attacks. You can always go around towers, so most of the defense is done with mobile units.

Three Player

Creator: Ganondorf
Name: (3)Myst
Description: Bloody little map with some bloody rivers, bloody mountains, few hiils, adequate rice. Pretty fun for a 3 player map.

Four Player

Creator: Ganondorf
Name: (4)Map
Description: Flat map with five spikes in the middle that seperate the 4 players, fairly dark.

Creator: Tuve Gunnarsson
Name: The Dark Forest(4)
Description: Perfectly flat, very dark, one base in each corner, thats about it.

Creator: General Tso
Name: Damp and Dark(4)
Description: I love the lighting of course. Fun to play, kind of flat but it's okay.

Creator: General Tso
Name: Gladiators(4)
Description: This is the sort of map that I recommend to use cooperative team play. With only a single entrance to each camp, this fight could be extremely long and difficult, so team play could be the defense-breaker. Very mountainous map.

Creator: General Tso
Name: Color War(4)
Description: Great playing. Tense to start out, the way it should be here. Amazing lighting. I never thought of putting waterfalls at the very screen edge - its quite effective. Very straightforward and nice.

Creator: [LoN]Kamikaze
Name: Adurant (4)
Description: From the west to the east comes a river. Both descend into a valley, where the eastern river turns to the north and the western one to the south. Althoug the swamp textureset is used, it's a light map with a happy feeling, different from the ordinary depression, a swamp map normaly has to offer. The starting points are in the four corners of the map. From the valley there are four ways up to both hills. Every river is crossable on the hill and in the valley on two places. The rice on the hill is barely enough to encourage base expansion. At least until a well is built.

Five Player

Creator: General Tso
Name: Land Of Our Fathers(5)
Description: Very neat. Everything seems perfectly natural here, and the map plays really well too.

Six Player

Creator: Ganondorf
Name: (6)Hyrule
Description: Flat map with few hills, dirt paths lead to your enemies which are located randomly around the map.

Seven Player


Eight Player


Army of Berserkers From The Wolf Clan Wearing Shale Armor