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This page is run and maintained by:

Welcome to the Transformer Domain! This site will act as a multigenerational Transformers website featuring episode guides, scans, video game codes, and much more than meets the eye! This site is best viewed at your browser's maximum screen size.

Current Updates, News, and Rumors

Update Testing - 09/22/11
Watch this space

Animated Episode Guide Update - 01/04/08
Updated the Transformers Animated episode guide
with titles and summaries for Episodes 1 through 29 provided by the series' official press release.

Transformers Animated - 06/27/07
Opened the Transformers Animated section, the new series premiering on Cartoon Network 2008. Check out the news here.

Toy Theater - 06/19/07
Created the Twisted Transformers Toy Theater. A strip is up on the site and ready for viewing.

Updates - 8/25/06
I will be updating the Energon and Cybertron episode guides as well as opening a section for the 2007 Movie this weekened and tweaking other parts of the site. Check back for further updates as they are available.

Beast Machines on DVD - 9/20/05
The Beast Machines Complete Series Boxset will be released later this month. The set will be released on November 15, 2005 and is available for $59.95 preorder at the Rhino store with a box art preview.

Cybertron Section Open - 06/29/05
Opened the Cybertron section in the series guide. Stay tuned for updates.

Updated the Image of the Moment - 06/29/05
Changed the Image of the Moment from Unicron to a battle scene found on the old Generation One toy boxes.

Transformers: Cybertron Premiere Date - 06/26/05
A Cartoon Network advertisement reveals that Transformers: Cybertron will debut Saturday, July, 2, 2005 ! Check your local listings for time.

Energon Episode Guide Updated - 06/23/05
Updated the Energon Episode Guide with titles for Episodes 33 through 51 and added summaries for episodes 18 and 20.

IDW Press Release - 06/23/05
IDW has posted a press release regarding the October release of Transformers: Infiltration #0.

Important Transformers Comic Book News - 05/21/05
Been a while since an update, and this is a BIG one. Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc., announced Thursday that IDW Publishing will now carry the Transformer license since Dreamwave has closed shop. Newsarama posted a follow-up article and an interview with Editor-in-Cheif of IDW Chris Ryall.

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