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Good Traders I have traded with the following  and would trade again any day! Thanks for helping me out with my CDR collection Guys, I appreciate it! If I have left anyone off please let me know so I may add you.

Darth Rya (USA):     Ryan Lamar-He gave me my first trade, when I had nothing at all to trade he was cool enough to trade some Beers for his boots! Thanks for getting me started Ryan. -2 Trades

Nicolas Gardon (France):       A Very quick and friendly French Trader with a nice list.

Joe Johnston (Scotland):     Joe Johnston-Scottish Trader, Taper of Donnington 2003 (Sounds Great!) -Recommended

Gloco:    George Angelis- Taper of MSG 2003-Kind enough to do a B&P offer and also offered it in SHN format    

Nathan Welp (USA) - Friendly U.S. Trader with a very extensive trading list!-3 Trades

Randy Taylor:    New to Maiden Trades, but a Great Selection of classic Rock! Very Friendly & Reliable, Highly recommended.

Hmc_777:    Heitor Capuzzo-Very honest & reliable South American trader. Highly reommended-2 Trades

Emil Landin (Sweden)-friendly Swedish trader

Peder Lundmark-Excellent Swedish Trader , specializes in Black Sabbath & Ian Gillan, some Maiden

 Socaled  -Tony Cuccurullo-great and  quick U.S. Trader-2 Trades, recommended

Trevor Ylisaari (USA) - -really quick and friendly trader, recommended!

Vegueta-Alejandro De La Cuesta-Biggest Maiden Collection I've ever seen and what an amazing site!

Bob Hall JR-Email him for his list, quick trader from Maine. 2 Trades

Bad Traders:     None yet -I don't want to have to add anyone to this list but If I get screwed it will be posted here as well as all over the internet!!