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 I mostly trade Iron Maiden shows, but I have other bands available that may be of interest to you  or I may have some bands that you may say why the hell does he own that show?

I have been into Iron Maiden since I was 12 years old.  I have met some really cool traders on the internet  especially on the Maiden Bulletin Board.  You can see me there listed as :"The Invader".


******Trade Pause-I will be taking the next couple of weeks off to catch up on listening to shows as I have a lot to rate.  All current trades will be completed.****** Thanks!

***Please note shows that do not have a rating have not been listened to yet, trade these shows at your risk.  In addition, I do not  use software to check the source of my shows.  I will not under any circumstances replace a show because you have utilized this software and will ask for a replacement after we have traded.  I try to make every attempt to list the imperfections of each show on the notes column of the show page.

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If interested in a trade Please EMAIL ME

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  Last Updated March 21, 2004