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New Website-

I made the below Angelfire website about 10 years ago (it is now 2013) and just finally got access to it again.
My new website is going to be located here:
Please feel free to check it out as I will be talking about new and unique beers as I try them including pictures of bars, pubs, breweries, brew pubs etc. that I visit as well as detailing the trials and tribulations of my basement bar and our adventures in homebrewing. Of course I'll have plenty of other stuff on there such as some college papers, my resume, and any other stuff I find interesting... Hope to see you there!

Needless to say, I used to be a super fan of the Terminator and Matrix franchises. For those of you interested in checking out my old 'Terminator vs. Matrix' Angelfire site please see below...

Enter Terminator Site

donated by Nickolass
Enter Matrix Site

This is the ultimate site for the best trilogies ever created, The Terminator and The Matrix

By God Shaffron
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