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If someone kills another person-unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth-it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our messengers came to them with clear signs, but even after that, many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Qur'an, 5:32)



At first glance, some verses quoted in the article seem convincing. However, one thing I have learned from my research on religious issues is to always refer to the source.

The striking thing is that all of these verses were revealed when Muslims were at war. Each time, the word "unbelievers" refers to the army of non-Muslims, not to all non Muslims in the world. Sadly, this distinction has been lost on those that compiled this piece.

Reading the verses again in that context, they lose their initial weight. Striking terror into the opposing army, or killing enemy soldiers, is what war is all about. 

 "Islam Denounces Terrorism" by Harun Yahya

The verses quoted are numerous and varied. As opposed to the previous article, most of these verses were revealed in Medina, when Muhammed (PBUH) was endeavouring to build the first Islamic - and welfare - state in the world. However, some, mostly about being just and forgiving and not harming innocents, are wartime verses, revealed around the same time as those quoted as those in the previous article.


Having read both pieces critically (them being the most convincing I could find), I can only conclude that the term "Islamic" terrorism is an oxymoron. Terrorist acts are neither encouraged nor condoned by Islam.


O You who believe! Show integrity for the sake of God, bearing witness with justice. Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to faith. Heed God (alone). God is aware of what you do. (Qur'an, 5:8)


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