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Ah lottie, kirsty, catherine, emily and charlotte

Jamie and Cat, Rachael and Dan, How sweeeeet..

Matt and dima, what you pointing at D?

Suz, Suzy, Alannah and Bex, all looking extremely happy?

Adie, TK, Glen, the only photo I have of you smiling Adie!

Cool pose, Maz, Iona, Lizzie!

Toni, Rosie and Amy. Can't even keep her eyes open!



Ionas room with iona lizzie and maz! wat happened liz!

Caroline and Suzy

Dima, looking very nice in his suit!

Stoney doing something crazy... AAH!

Laura and Suzy

MARC WITH A C!!!!!, huw and Anna

Me, biff (left) and Tk (right)

Damn, BAD BAD photo of me there! Oh well. This is the friends page, so it MAY be useful to have some of my friends stuff up here, but I'm lazy, so here are some links instead.

AMAZING friend site, this has nearly everyone on here, way to go caroline!

Marc (Merve)'s site. This is cool, CUZ IM ON IT! mwahah..

Local Gigs

Tom's band - Elysium