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My friendies...

Righto. THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THE ONE... THE ONLY... MEGAN!!!!!!! (because I love her to itty bitty beady bits!)

Everyone seems to have a friend page, I felt left out, so hence making one now...



< > Megan is funny, gorgeous, sweet and always there for me when I need her. She could be anything she wanted, a talented journalist, a great comedian, or Singing Superstar! (remember our daily orchard sing-song!)

Hobbiton is a very nice place a very nice place indeed,where the woman have curly hair and the men have hairy feet!

So yep, I love her to smitheroonees, fantasmo girl!

Caroline BUENO CLAAAAN! Ok, so now we seem to be in the ultimate group, yes the bueno clan, and I think caroline started it! SMART GIRL! Really gotten to know her well in past months and she ROCKS. Had AMAZING party with Bex , got me addicted to silverchair, she's my IT buddy, and her boyfriends letting my band enter his band night! woop! CAROLINE AND OLLIE!

Camilla Favourite colour is yellow, (MY FAV COLOUR IS GREEN, if u dont know that about me, damn you!) loves the band ATHLETE (damn we couldnt go to reading) and great at drawing and making cute things! Her site is pretty cool, and yellow, not that I will advertise her site on here of course...

Jenny Jenny is my math matey, and good to chat with. She's brutally honest, but in a good way mostly! funky chick yes.

Alicey Alice! Ah the name says it all! Funny, tall and skinny (godarnit!) A joke for everything and again in the Athelte loving group! One of the most hilarious ppl i know!

Rosie Smart and silly. Can get away with almost anything! We have plant growing competitions, and she loves horses... not strange i swear!

Alannah Bueno Clan Girlie! Awww, she's lovely with not a nasty bone in her body! Can't even shout bless! LOVE YOU! And even though megan spilt coke on her SUEDE boots, (never comes out! nooo) she didn't get mad! A sweet hunny bunny! So cannot wait to see her pissed, imagine the funniness..

Gina Known her since year 7, when I envied her because I thought she was stealing Camilla! Now i'm more grown up, and sane, I can talk to her about anything, and we love a good old natter. love ya hun.

Lisa Ok, well, sort of fell out recently I suppose, still a great gal.

Jess House Bless you! Sweet and oh so sugary! We love to chat, and gossip, then chat summore, talented guys and attractiveness you know what I mean!

Amy Great cook! Great fashionista! Seriously a wardrobe to match erm, someone with a great big wardrobe! Going out with Tom, for over a year now, go you guys!

Becca Had the great party with caroline. A person I can trust to be completely honest with me. I think she's one of the most truly real people I know

Helen We will find your perfect man, because thats the only guy you'll ever date! A very good friend, we talk all the time! Gorgeous and a fasion guru!

Iona There's no one like her, no-one in the world, and I wouldn't have her any other way! Spooky, kooky, spunky and funky! (hell can I ryhme or what!) Great to talk to about any wierd things I want!

Lizzie + Maz The invincible trio, IONALIZZIEMAZ!

Lizzie Sawyers My bus bud! Sweet lovechild who happens to be like, 6ft tall! wowsa.


THE Guys... (UM, this means they're male?)

Sam OK, bassist in my band! Lovely bloke, lives near me and I go round his house for dinner so often his family probably treat me as another child! We went to primary school together and recently re-met on a bus! Ah the chances...

Luke Drummer in my band (Yes I have written up my band first...)Amazing drummer and great at arguing theological stuff... Also lyric writing, oh and making drum thingys (rythms?) up as he goes along. Good to talk to too (that make any sense!?)

Yogi Bassist, wait, guitarist, no, pianist! OK, so he can play all these instruments, and stil not completely sure which one he's playing, but whichever it is, he can kick my ass on them all darnit! Great guy, hehe IONA!

Twink My boyfriend! What can I say? He's lovely and plays drums. Obsessed with radiohead (especially phil), long blonde hair and blue eyes... mmmmm...! We've been going out nearly 2 months now (on the 17th March!) stop saying "awww" camilla. please.

Adie Mr Adrian Kaye. Amazing actor and singer I recently discovered, way to go Adie! Playing the dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors" he kicks ass. mwahgah!

Tom We go waaay back, good mate now, we've had our ups and downs tho! AND HE NEEDS TO GET MY BLOODY COMPUTER SOFTWARE ARGH!

Dan A sweetie if ever there was one! I'm on his site, yay! One of the lovliest guys you'll ever meet, EVER!


Marc Good friends with Twink, met him twice, and yet talk to him loads online! He's a martial art black belt and has his band Kerosine (thats death metal to you and I)

PS, if im sounding sucky uppy like on this page, its cuz i am, a suck up, to my friends, because they are fabuloso! aAAAAahehehahhahe insane laughter