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10CC - Dreadlock Holiday

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

The Beatles - Back in the USSR

The Beatles - Yesterday

Metallica - One

Incubus - Pardon Me

Guitar Riff

Metallica - To Live Is To Die

(About halfway on to live is to die, it goes a bit off key, just skip a bit and its fine again)


Right so I like music... a LOT of different music, so um, lets delve a little deeper here.

Pavement - From the utterly amazing "Slanted and Enchanted" in 1992 to their last cleanly produced "Terror Twilight", they are one of the definitive bands of the 90's, well, for me anyway. Amazing band, wierd melodies, guitar twists and euphoric vocals... seriously check them out.

Tool - Deep and truly mind opening. Starting off with the more crude songs on "Opiate" to darker and emotive on "Aenima" and especially "Lateralus". Depressing at times, but lots of good music is. Open up your third eye...

Metallica - ONLY 1980's - metallica at this time, great to listen to when your feeling angry, down and out. Also sum really great songwriting here, harder to see than some I suppose, but its there. Most people's favourite is "Master of Puppets" and I know its an awesome album, but mine would have to be "And Justice for All", as it has my favourites on there, "One" and "To live is to Die".

Van Halen - So its a little cringe worthy at times, but nothing can stop this band from kicking most to the curb with some of their stuff. It rocks, plain and simple. With eddie playing some of the fastest guitar solos faster than the average bear, my guitar worshipping tendencies come into play. Favs include album "1984" and songs "Hot for Teacher" (great drums) and "Eruption" (guitar solo)

Led Zeppelin - What can I say? One of the most amazing bands for me. The lyrics and melodies are just breathtaking. Kashmir was so beautiful before that ratm cover...


Well, thats a tiny insight into some of my favourite music. Erm, here are some shoes...

Its so true, jesus would wear them...