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The Sun is an illusion- It's a hologram, created by the government, and sometimes the hologram malfunctions, and that's why you can see it in the daytime...

Drawings of space, and stuff

"Angels on the left side, Demons on the right,

Never in the dark, Never in the light.

Center of a sunbeam lightshow flower seed,

This is all I have, This is all I need. "

~Lemon Demon


Journey to the Center of the Sun

Disclaimer: Do not go into the sun looking for elephants. You will be dissapointed.
Based on a dream I had.


This is How orphunks Look

I keep seeing them in my dreams.
Orphunk is the taste of medicine that's supposed to taste good, but really all the extra flavors just make it taste worse. This is what it looks like.



This is the third Lemon Demon lyric on this page.
I go for a walk
The sidewalk is cracked;
I'm not superstitious,
But I made a pact;
With old Mother Earth
I'd get off her back
If she got off mine.

I know
That in a snap, all the birds will sing
I know (I know) I'm full of crap, but still

Everything works out nice in the end
The Sun will marry the moon
It'll be fine.
Why don't we sit back mellow again,
And have a nice afternoon?
It'll be fine.


Blow Up the Sun

The sun called your mother a bad name.
It's either humans or the sun, but the Earth's not big enough for the two of us. Oh, Muse...


Metal to the Petals

I feel like there should be some kind of symbolism here...
I imagine this makes a good album cover concept.

if anybody writes a song/album with the title "Metal to the Petals", let me know. o_0


The God-o-scope

When god starts watching us through his microscope, all of a sudden everyone's a saint. Proof of Heisenburg's Principle.
God's Microscope


The Illusion of Sentience

Many of you who are watching this are feeling sorry for the robot. This is because you are crazy. It does not have any feelings.
Would YOU put your brain in a robot's body?
The sun, you see, it's an illusion, it doesn't exist, and that's why you shouldn't be like the sun, because if you are, then that means that you don't exist, and I dont associate with people who don't exist...